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01 August 2003
Sleeping Beauty of pop is back
Source : Dagbladet
First she slept all the time, then Lene Marlin (22) recieved help to find back the joy in music. Yesterday she was back from her three years of Sleeping Beauty lull.

- I think I ought to be totally honest and confirm that I seeked out professional help. These were things I didn't want to potter with on my own, Lene Marlin said to P4's producer. Lene broke the silence on 25 radio stations yesterday. Everybody wanted to know where she had been, and what she had been doing the last three years. People were nearly bursting with inquisitiveness.

- The first period of time I just slept. It was good having some sleep, she said to NRK P3.

Out of the hibernation.
However, it was probably not years of sleeping which made Marlin lose her sleep the night before yesterday. It was rather the nervousness about meeting the press again, and maybe the fear of unpleasant questions. Lene Marlin disappeared like dew before the sun after the Spellemann awards in 2000. Nobody heard a croak from her since then.

- It was a bit too much at one time. I felt the need to withdraw and do some thinking, Marlin told Synnøve Svabø on NRK P1.

- I had to find back the joy in music, because it was lost there for a moment, I'd have to say, she continued, surprisingly honest.

- Did you feel so down as to consider quitting?

- It wasn't a question of *when* the next record was to be released, but rather *if* it was.

Marlin was 19 years when she disappeared. 19 years and a superstar with 1.8 million records sold on her conscience and 9.8 million nkr in the bank. Life was hectic and the expectations were enormous. She jumped off the roundabout at high speed. Now Marlin is over the steep hill. She seems bubbling and happy. The self-chosen lull has evidently been healthily for her. Marlin describes the break as necessary herself, but also as time well spent. She is not afraid that the speed is about to be too high once again.

Richer in experiences.
- I'm a great deal of experiences richer, know more about what this is. That's why it feels more safer now. This time I'm a bit wiser, she said to NRK Tromsø.

The station wondered what Lene would have done differently if she was given the chance to do things over again.

- I would have tried to protect myself better. You can't be available 24 hours a day. And you have to make sure you have some fun along the way.

- What do you think about all the speculations concerning your own personality?

- It hasn't always been fun. In the end I just had to stop reading the newspaper. Marlin explained to P4 that her relationship with the press is somewhat divided.

- It depends on what kind of attention I get. If I don't want it, it's not that pleasant.

Despite the speculations and the unwanted attention, Marlin is grateful for the positive attention she's recieving now.

The reviews of the single "You Weren't There" have been fairly well.

Uncertain future.
- Honestly, I didn't have any expectations. It's not that clever a thing being away for so long like I have been, so this reception is very overwhelming, she said to NRK P1.

The timetable ahead is uncertain. First Marlin is going to be in the limelight for a few days. Today she's meeting the newspapers, tomorrow it's the great TV-day. After this she's going to follow up on the press in England, Italy and France.

No solid concert- or touring plans have been settled, but it may happen she's heading for an acoustic tour sometime soon.

The little spontaneous performance Marlin did on Wednesday on the bar in Frognerveien 6 in Oslo gave her a nice taste.

- First I couldn't manage to look at people. I was so nervous, but then I thought that if I just looked down, everything should work out fine. I like the acoustic, intimate setting. It is a good way to perform, she explained to NRK P3.

Translation by Tef Johs


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