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31 July 2003
Know more about what it is
Source : Nrk
Lene Marlin wants to do a concert tour with the new record. The interview rounds she started today. 25 norwegian radio-reporters stood in line. Now she knows more about how the game goes.

Possible un-plugged tour.

If a concert tour should be a reality, it's possible that it will be acoustic. Lene Marlin likes that format. And she did take a trip up on a small stage in Frognerveien in Oslo yesterday evening.

- I was so sincerely nervous that I was thinking I just had to do it, and then I was not to look at people, I was to look down at the floor, then everything should be fine.

These are Lene Marlin's words as reporter Kalle Turkerud met her in the record company's premises on Karl Johan this morning.

Have been silent for three years.

- I can only say it has been time well spent, I'm a few experiences richer, know a bit more about what this is, then it feels a lot safer.

Lene Marlin withdrew three years ago. Before that she made a solid international success by selling 1.8 million copies of "Playing my Game", five Spellemann-award statuettes, four Hit-Award statuettes and the MTV Award for Best Nordic Act.

She became more and more surprised as the various success stories reached her. It resulted in promotion tours and airports, but no concert tour. And she is still not sure if there is going to be a tour with the new record. - I really want to, I feel very much for the acoustic setting, it's so close.

She could possibly realize it could be promotive for the myth to withdraw so totally, but the success most people only might dream of is in reality strenuous.

Has been sleeping a great lot.

What has Lene Marlin been doing for three years, when she hasn't been speaking to journalists and constantly been sitting in new hotel rooms? She has been relaxing and creating music. And been sleeping a great lot.

- It became essential finding my way back to a life which didn't involve running around in airports and hotels, and being in countries and not be able to remember where you'd been afterwards. It all became so massive that it was good to retire.

Exploding in Italy.

Lene Marlin meets 25 radio reporters today, and the remainder of the norwegian journalists the next two days. Afterwards she is going to follow up on the same countries where she had success the last time around, Italy, France and England. Her record company says that the single "You weren't there" has exploded on italian radio stations the last few days. It is eventually bound to be a few airports in Italy as well.

- Have you paid attention now and made sure you're up on your Italian, Spanish and French? - I'm incredibly poor when it comes to languages. I'm going to make an attempt when I'm going to Italy, I'm going to try learning some words.

Translation by Tef Johs


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