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01 August 2003
Look, she is smiling!
Source : Dagbladet
Foto: Robert S. Eik
RADIATES: Lene Marlin is back. This is the first press photograph of the international song star in over three years.

After three years of silence Dagbladet got the first words with a very fit Lene Marlin yesterday.

At 10:45 AM yesterday a big, silver grey Audi rolled up outside EMI Virgin on Karl Johan's street in Oslo. In the passenger seat sat Lene Marlin with sunglasses and a big smile. For the first time in three years she was about to meet the team of hunger-stricken journalists. It was a bubbling Lene Marlin who returned from the silence.

- Are you guys standing here?, the Tromsų-girl said as she got out of the car.

Concert in a bar.
Dagbladet was the very first to get a few words with one of Norway's greatest stars. The night before Lene Marlin sang and played very uexpectedly two tracks from her forthcoming album "Another Day" on the bar Frognerveien 6 in Oslo. This occured with a borrowed guitar in front of 50 shocked guests. In the tangle outside of the record company yesterday it wasn't easy to lead any long conversation with the returning star. But we tried.

- How was it doing a concert again?

- It was fun, Lene replied.

- Did you dread this day or looked forward to it?

- No, this is not something to dread especially, she said and disappeared.

Seven hours and innumerable radio interviews later she came out again, just as happy and fit. On her way from the record company to the taxi stand by Oslo cathedral she once more spoke with Dagbladet.

- Tell us how your day has been?

- It has been very good. People have been very sweet.

- What are you doing tonight?

- No, that's a secret!

- What do you think about the great interest in your come-back?

- It's surprising. The interest is much greater than I would have thought. It's been a bit of hustle and bustle today, so now my head aches, a smiling Lene Marlin said and disappeared in a cab.

Translation by Tef Johs


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