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02 August 2003
- Learned my lesson.
Source : Dagbladet
Lene Marlin disappeared suddenly after ”Spellemansprisen” in 2000. But she reveals that the big turning point happened already two months earlier.


- I remember being on a promo-tour in Korea, and I was about to go to Taiwan. I was running late because I had fell ill of food poisoning, and everything was horrible. A Virgin-representative offered me a teddy bear to make things better, and I clutched the bear tight for the entire trip. When I walked out of the plane in Taiwan, I got the shock of my life. Eight TV-teams were ready, and there were cameras everywhere, totally insane conditions. To have TV-cameras shoved in my face became too much for me, so I used the teddy bear to shield my face and forced a road through the chaos. When I got into the car, I started crying hard, and I remember thinking that I couldn’t take any more. This was the moment I realised I had to take a break, tells Lene Marlin.

Not enough
The young Tromsø-girl held on bravely for a couple of more months, because it wasn’t her will that stood in the way. But three days after Spellemannsprisen in 2000, everything stopped up, she no longer had a choice.

- The pause came naturally. At this time I felt that I had lost control and that I wasn’t enough. Even if I tried to do everything, I couldn’t divide myself into ten. The feeling was horrible.

After three year’s total absence from the media, Lene Marlin is back with a new single and new raised spirits. Finally she is ready to speak again, and radio, TV and newspapers have been standing in line to hear what the young girl has to say. Despite the 25 radio interviews the day before, Dagbladet encountered a healthy, happy and talkative Lene yesterday.

- I feel a mixture of relief, excitement and joy to be back. There’s lots of joy! I have to admit that the most important thing to me right now was to release the song, and that people may think what they like, she says with a broad smile.

Necessary break
Lene doesn’t very likely need to worry about the response to the new single, because the demand for it has already been huge. “You weren’t there” is about to crawl to the top of the hit lists, and it’s getting maximum rotation in all radio stations and MTV, NRK2 and ZTV.

- Many have said that I was taking a great risk in waiting this long with my sophomore album. But in fact it has been necessary in many ways. Primarily personally, but also musically. I have been writing songs all the time, but it isn’t until now I was ready to release anything. A rushed project wouldn’t have gained anyone anything.

Private lyrics
Having been very open hearted up until now, when Dagbladet asks her whether the single ”you weren’t there” is based on personal experiences and what it is about, she becomes secretive.

- He, he… that is a deeply kept secret. I write very personal lyrics. I think that I would have been revealing too much of my self if I had said what is about me, and what is not. Besides, I would like to give people a chance to draw their own conclusions about my songs.

A withdrawn life for three years have given Lene time to think about her life, her career and the pressure. When she decided to return, it was the joy of music that was the deciding factor. But this time she is decided to take better care of herself and her private sphere.

- I have learned my lesson. When things were at worst, I was at the bottom. And it was so serious that I’m willing to do absolutely everything not to be in that situation again, assures Lene with a worried look on her face, that a second later is replaced with that big smile.

Shields her boyfriend.
She tells that the record company, her friends and family have been an immense support to her through her rough times. But when the name of her boyfriend Stian Barsnes Simonsen is mentions, the flood of words stops up and once again she gets that secretive smile on her face.

- Hmmm… he, he… Family and friends have been important. Let’s say that there are people in my life who have surprised me positively, and whom I would not be without. But there are also people who have surprised me negatively, but I won’t waste time thinking about that.

She’s bursting with happiness and is gladly telling us how she wants to do a club-tour, started writing songs for her next album, and that her childhood dream is to write a song with Bono of U2. She giggles of the fact that the press calls her mysterious and runs after her with a camera, because this time she is prepared and knows where the line is. The new Lene Marlin has most definitely regained the glimpse in her eye, and when asked by Dagbladet if it’s been worth everything, she answers:

- If you had asked me that question some time back, I would have said no, without any doubt, but now I say yes, without any doubt!

Translation by Coffee


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