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01 August 2003
Lene sought help
Source : VG
Lene Marlin was so down that she needed professional help to get her life back on track.

For three years she withdrew from the spotlight and considered giving up her career as an artist.
Answering a direct question from P4's Even Rognlien she admits that she sought professional help:
- Let me be completely honest: I have, of course. It wasn't something I wanted to deal with on my own.

The enormous attention from fans and media in Norway and abroad was too much for the young girl from Tromsø. And in spring 2000 it reached it's peak.
- It was a process. After Spellemannsprisen and all that I was a bit tired. It became a little too much. I needed to disappear. I didn't intend it to be for that long, but it did, Lene says to p4.

Received support

The joy of music was gone for Lene Marlin - who got a lot of support from friends and family during the hard time. In the interview with "Reiseradioen" she especially emphasizes "some people" she got to know in Oslo - probably, her boyfriend Stian something is one of them she refers to.

But the pressure was still too hard to handle for the young girl, so she had to seek professional help.
- I am not a psychologist and do not wish to diagnose. But it was easy to notice how it was too tough for her. If we hadn't done something, thing could have gone really wrong, Lene's long-time manager Arne Svare to VG in November 2001.

But when she arrived to give a marathon of interviews yesterday, it was a cheerful Lene Marlin the journalists met. More mature and self-assured she smiled and laughed to the photographers.

And in several interviews she expressed that she's fine, and that she's very happy to be back. This time, she also has a plan for how to handle the enormous pressure that awaits her.
- I reserve the right to say no. And I will try to take more time off and not work so much, she says to p4.

Almost quit

She also confessed that she considered finishing her career several times during the three years.
- Yes, to be honest I have to say that. To me it became a question not of when the next record will be released, but if it would happen at all, Lene says to Synnøve Svabø of Reiseradioen, who was first in line among 25 radio journalists who yesterday got their tenminutes with the 22- year old. Lene also admitted to having been nervous before yesterday.
- It's been a strange night. I haven't slept a lot. I am a little nervous to talk again, as they say, she tells NRK Troms.
- In this business you can't expect anything at all after staying away for so long. So maybe it wasn't the smartest thing to do, staying away. It's incredible that the fans have been waiting for me - and to be honest the way i've been received has been totally overwhelming, she says to Reiseradioen.

Translation by undertheweather


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