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30 July 2003
Tomorrow Lene Marlin will talk
Source : VG
When Lene Marlin (22) at last is going to talk to the fans, she decides to do it first on radio.

Tomorrow, Thursday, Lene Marlin talks in public for the first time in three years. About 25 radiostations are about to getting the 22-year-old to speak during the day.

- We choose to let the radiostations get at her first, because of the great support we got from just radio when Lene launched her first record. Radio is some of the most important, and EMI wants the norwegian radiostations to be first in line, says product manager of EMI, Cecilie Norseth Jonasson, to VG Nett.

Great interest.

Publishing press will have to wait until the day after.

- The daily press is scheduled for Friday. The influx has been enormous. We get the idea that this is something people really have been longing for, says Norseth Jonasson.

The Tromsų-girl has not spoken publicly since the triumph at the Spellemann-awards three years ago. Now Norway awaits in suspense to hear what the active recording artist has to say about why she suddenly and surprisingly chose to withdraw from the limelight.

- Bad conscience.

The speculations and the rumours have been many about the pop favourite, but Lene has never let herself be talked into revealing to the press what actually happened when she withdrew after having taken both Norway and the international arena by storm.

- I'm sorry and I'm struggling with a bad conscience for everything and everyone, but I still don't feel strong enough to come forth and explain. It will take time, and I need my peace, Lene Marlin told VG through her manager Arne Svare in November 2001.

New record.

It has long been known that Lene is working on a new record, the sequel to the debut success "Playing my Game" from 1999. The album "Another Day" will be launched on September 22. The first single from the album, "You Weren't There", was sent to the radiostations last Monday.

Translated by Tef Johs


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