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19 July 2003
Lene on norwegian radio, monday.
Source : Nordlys
TROMSŲ: Originally, the plan was that Lene Marlin's new single, "You weren't there", was supposed to be aired on radio in Europe and Asia from the same date; July 28. However, it was released in Italy and France yesterday due to the vacation period coming up.

Lene Marlin has some very eager fans in South Europe, and in Italy they pushed so hard that they were allowed to air the track already from yesterday on. They went hurrily on and broadcasted the song immediately when it was available to them - at 03:30 AM.

Released it.

- The reason that we released it in Italy and France this early is that the playlists close in those countries from next week, before they go on holidays, says EMI-director Per Eirik Johansen to Nordlys.

- Hence, we thought it was wrong that other radio stations would have to wait until July 28 to play the song, and from the coming monday the norwegian stations will have the single available to them.

Italian Radio Capital put out a 45 second clip from the single on the net yesterday, and the fans threw themselves upon it immediately. On the discussion forums at fan sites the release is being overwhelmed with positive mentioning.

- We have also had great feedback from people who have heard it, says Per Eirik Johansen.

The single is not expected in stores until the end of August or at the beginning of September, and the album "Another Day" is due out at the end of September.

Translation by Tef Johs


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