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22 July 2003
Here is "new Lene"
Source : VG
This is the new photo that is meant to sell Lene Marlin (22) in Europe and Asia. But it is not known when Lene herself will meet her fans and media again.

This is how the 22-years old looks on the new press photos, taken by the renowned photographer Anton Corbijn.

Previously, he has designed record covers for, among others, Depeche Mode and U2. In his portfolio are also portraits of world-famous celebrities like Bruce Springsteen and REMs Michael Stipe.

More seclude

Fashion journalist Hilde Marstrander says the first pictures show an artist that wants the entire focus to be on the music.

-The press photos show a Lene who asks for your interest in her music, but not in her person, Marstrander says.

The fashion journalist also notes that Lene Marlin's style seems more or less unchanged.

- The haircut looks more or less the same, and the clothes as well. It is nevertheless a more closed Lene Marlin who today is presented to the record-buying public. The images indicate that the absence from the spotlight has given Lene the taste for exactly this: absence from the spotlight, Hilde Marstrander says.

Great interest

The interest around the Tromsø-girl's new single is enormous, but it is still uncertain when Lene Marlin will break the silence

She hasn't given interviews since the Spellemannpris-awards in February 2000.

According to head of EMI and VIrgin Norwegian department Hans Olav Grøttheim they haven't decided on when Lene will be meeting the public again.

- We dont know yet, Grøttheim says.

- Do you intend to wait until the album is due, 22. September?

- We'll try to fix it so that she'll come and say hello at an earlier date, Grøttheim says.

But he states that it is not their intention that Lene will meet the public at the same time as the single "You werent there" is released for sale in record stores.

It is very flattering that the single has been so well received, Grøttheim says.

He says that they will go to great lengths to give as many interviews as possible when Lene returns to meet the public.

- When we have made exclusive agreements, it has only lead to trouble, and media gets pissed off with us or artist. Therefore, we'll try to do everything at the same time, Grøttheim says.

Rumours emerged

The enormous media focus that Lene was subjected to when she broke through with "Playing my game", became hard to handle for the young artist.
The sudden silence led to lots of rumours and questions about what had really happenend to the Tromsø-girl who VGs reviewer hailed as "the best new Norwegian artist of the 1990s" when PMG was released in Mars 1999.

-I am sorry, and have to struggle with a bad conscience for everything and everyone, but I don't feel strong enough yet to come forward and explain. It will take time, and i need peace, Lene Marlin told VG via her manager Arne Svare in November 2001.

The message was that Lene Marlin will come back when she feels strong enough. And she obviously does now. Because already on Monday the record company takes the next step in the promotion of Another day, and releases the single in the rest of Europe and Asia.


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