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07 August 2008
Lene Marlin gets Magnet help
Source : Bergens Avisen
The pop star is recording an album at Magnet's studio in Askøy.

Lene Marlin has been to Askøy several times, recording her fourth album with Magnet. Even 'Magnet' Johansen has placed his studio at disposal. The Norwegian pop star Lene Marlin has spent a lot of time in Askøy this summer. Reason: She is recording her new album in Magnet's studio.

There is a lot of hush-hush surrounding this recording, and nobody would like to confirm to BA that Lene Marlin is actually working with Magnet on her fourth record.

- I like working quietly, without too much fuss. This makes things a whole lot easier - less pressure, less expectations. I also don't like planning too far ahead. I take my career as it comes along, Marlin wrote in her blog to her fans in February.

BA knows about a series of Bergen musicians that have been visiting the studio of Magnet in Askøy, working on Marlin's new songs. She has been staying there over several periods of time. And, she has in no way been hiding herself when she's been out visiting the city's many drinking places.

Following her last album release, the press shy artist has rarely been in the public's limelight. Last year, Se&Hør could report that the pop star had found the tone with the actor Kåre Conradi. The well-known couple were supposedly hunting for a place of residence in London, but have been keeping a low profile.

Lene Marlin really has found a perfect partner in Even 'Magnet' Johansen (38), another artist that isn't exactly screaming for media attention. He won the Spellemann award earlier this year as best male artist, for the album 'The Simple Life'. At that time, he had already entered a period of introverted activities. He stated the following to BA in November last year, in front of his "retirement concert" at the Ole Bull Stage:

- It will be a long time until I do my next concert in Bergen. In 2008, I'm going to record a new album, plan film music, keep myself well. The break is going to be good and long.

Translated by Tef Johs


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