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17 February 2009
Laughing somewhat at love
Source : VG
Lene Marlin (28) would very much like to protect her private life. And is the first to admit that it's then quite tactically stupid becoming a cohabiter with another celebrity.

The pop star from Tromsø does not longer hide that she and actor Kåre Conradi is stormingly in love. Her dimples were not to be mistaken when the two of them arrived hand-in-hand for the Spellemann awards.

However, the often media shy Marlin, who earlier was together with Stian Barsnes Simonsen, admits that she could have done it easier for herself, and chosen a somewhat more anonymous cohabiter.

- It wasn't a part of my plans becoming familiar with and together with an actor. However, I've been laughing a bit at it, and people around me have been laughing a bit at it, like "ha, ha, you who just want to be hiding away, you did a little mistake there". However, it's not the thing you can control, and one should probably be happy for that, says Lene Marlin to VG.

And happy she is:

- I'm having a nice time, both privately and professionally. I'm really not going to complain, she tells us.

After ten years in the limelight, Lene Marlin thinks it's good being with others who know how that feels - whether it being the cohabiter or friends of her.

- Many of my friends are very well-known, and thus have experienced many of the same things, and know how it feels. You then don't need to say so much, because one knows how things go. But, I also have many friends that are not well-known, and I like having that balance, she says.

Today she is releasing her first new single in over three years, "Here We Are". On March 30, her fourth album is released, "Twist The Truth". And she is getting a little terrified having come this far in the career, not to mention this far in life.

- Sometimes, I feel enormously much older, because I experienced so much at the time of the first record. Then I was THIS small, but I had so much energy. The close-packed schedule I had in those days I could just forget about doing today. I believe this holds for everybody, when one gets older, the tempo is being reduced, and this suits me totally nicely.

Loves children

- And now you're in the age where people are starting to nag about when you're going to have children?

- I'm very much fond of children, but I'm not there just yet. We're taking one thing at a time. Now there is a record, and then one will see. However, I'm just 28, and still have several years remaining. I have several single girl friends who are just begging me not to get children just yet, so it will take a bit of time, indeed, Lene laughs.

The hit she took following the international parade march with the debut record seems much covered now. However, it's not that long time ago when Lene Marlin vented in public thoughts about perhaps never again releasing a new album.

- You do carry things with you, she explains.

- Even though it's in the past, you carry it with you. It doesn't release the hold that easily. But, I do have somewhat lower shoulders now, she assures.

- Are you carrying a fear about taking another hit?

- No, then I wouldn't be doing this anymore, because I don't feel the urge to experience that again. However, I can't be responsible for other people's ambitions on my behalf. If I just close other people's nagging out, things get to be much easier, Lene says.

New notes

VG gets to listen to five new songs from the forthcoming album, which is produced by Even "Magnet" Johansen. There are at times totally new notes from Lene Marlin's side; pop with a lot more weight on atmosphere than she has shown previously. "Marlin has decided on taking radical steps about how she's going to be remembered", as VG's reviewer wrote about the MySpace-taste "You Will Cry No More".

- Have you created "The Big Album" of yours now?

- Mmm, I've been wandering about with the songs on the iPod for a long time, and this time I haven't reached the point where I've become tired of them. Now I'm in an enormous butterflies-in-the-stomach process, and doesn't sleep too well at night. Now there's a bit of panic, actually! However, I think it's a good and lovely album to be listening through, Lene Marlin concludes.

Translated by Tef Johs


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