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01 October 2006
Interview with Lovebugs
Source : hitparade.ch
Lovebugs, whose single has just entered in the Swiss Hitparade top 10, are currently touring. We met Adrian and Thomas at Kaufleuten and asked them some questions.

hitparade.ch: Was it a goal you had set from the beginning, to make a living out of making music, or did it turn from a hobby into a job?
Adrian: Secretly, it has always been a dream of ours. I've been playing the drums since I was a child and I used to say that I wanted to play in a rockband. It all began as a student musical group, but we had no long-term projects at that time, though we've always done what we felt it was right to do.

hitparade.ch: When did you feel you had really broken through?
Adrian:This success thing... I have no idea whether we did break through or not. It's a so relative concept. To me what's important is that we do this as a job and manage to make a living out of it, and also that we can decide on our own what we want to do, and how. That's breaking through to me.


hitparade.ch: Do you pay much attention to what the fans say about you in the forums and the music websites?
Adrian: Yes, naturally. Internet has become extremely important to us. It's a sort of popularity rating, to understand what people think and like. Although, one should not be excessively influenced by it.


hitparade.ch: Is there any band you would really like to play with?
Adrian: At this very moment I don't know. But we had a super collaboration with Lene [Marlin, editor's note]. About this, we can say some wishes have already come true. I find very fascinating working with other artists belonging to a completely different musical reality. Maybe I'd like to play something with an orchestra. Or maybe even with some hip-hop artist. It's something we have never done before. That would be interesting.

hitparade.ch: You just talked about Lene Marlin. With Avalon you reached for the first time the Swiss single chart top 10. Did you expect this could be your most successful single so far?
Thomas: You can't make predictions on such things. But I had immediately this sensation it was a very strong song. It's very special. And to us, that's a great fortune. We've always seen ourself as an album-band. We have always considered the albums more importat than the singles. But now it's a great thing we have a top ten hit.

hitparade.ch: Lene Marlin has a big support community especially in Italy. Have you thought about releasing Avalon there too?
Adrian: Yes, we have been thinking about it and we're working on that. We would really like this song to be released in Norway and Italy too. Lene wants it too, and naturally her fans too want to buy it. And, as I just read on the internet, her fans think the song is great.

hitparade.ch: And what are your plans for the other countries? You've already been in Asia, by the way.
Adrian: Yes, and we would like to come back. Now there's even a japanese label very interested. The tour may be extended to those countries too. The album will be out in Germany soon. Exciting times are about to come, we're in a new constellation. We have a lot of new opportunities with our current record company. Recently we got a call from Australia from a man who finds our music fresh and would like us to go there, he'd be happy to publish our record. This is indeed a great moment for us.

hitparade.ch: The Reamonn tour [the tour of the german artist Lovebugs were planned to support, editor's note] is postponed to the next spring. Will you still be part of it?
Adrian: Yes, we were "postponed" together with it.


hitparade.ch: As usual, it's time for the today's top 10.

10. Lovebugs feat. Lene Marlin - Avalon
Adrian: Don't know it (laughs). We're very proud we could make a song with Lene. That was a superlative collaboration. It all was so easy: there weren't projects, record companies. I wrote her an email with an mp3, and the next week she was in Switzerland recording the song with us. Naturally we are a bit fans of her, otherwise we wouldn't have called her.
Thomas: Every time her first single was played on the radio, we would think: She's got something special. And even though her music is pop, you could feel it: this woman has indeed something profound to say. That's important to me, in any kind of music.
Adrian: This year another live appearance with her is planned in Switzerland.


A big thank you to Steffen for his constant collaboration.


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