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24 September 2006
Made a song for The Sims 2
Source : VG
Lene Marlin (26) has recorded a version of the single ĒWhat IfĒ on the silly language Simish. At the same time she is on the top of the charts in Switzerland, and working on new songs.

- It was fun recording the song and it went surprisingly well to sing in Simish. Many of my songs have been sung in other languages so itís fun to get the opportunity to do the same thing myself, says Lene Marlin to VG.
Along with artists like The Pussycat Dolls and The Flaming Lips, Lene Marlins voice is to be found on the new The Sims-game, which will be in avalible from October 19th.

The Sims-gams are incredibly popular and so far itís sold 60 million copies around the world. And it is only those who take the time to play the game who understands the language they use in it. There are no concrete words, and itís only melodies and atmosphere that is the basis of the language Lene Marlin now has given a shot on.
Those who developed the game in California have translated the lyrics to the song ďWhat IfĒ and made the right sounds.
- I havenít heard it on the game yet, but I am very pleased with what I heard in the studio after the recording, says Lene Marlin.
- Do you play The Sims yourself?
- I love games, but itís been a while since I have done it. But I intend to change that soon, says Lene Marlin, who didnít know she is represented on other games aswell.
Electronica Arts Norge had estimated that The Sims 2 will sell between four and five million copies. In Norway the main game has sold more than 110000 copies.

- Our musicdepartment consists of a group of people who are very interested in music, and who always are on the look-out for artists who match our games. When the developers of the game heard of this opportunity, it wasnít diffiult to be positive about it, says Aimar Niedzwiedzki in Electronica Arts Norge. According to him, theyíve tried to get a collaboration with Lene for a long time.
- When she had time to be on this project, and said yes, we were very happy about that, says Niedzwiedzki.
After Lene Marlin released Lost In a Moment last year, itís been quiet around the 26-year old. But a few months ago she was in Zurich and recorded the song ďAvalonĒ with the band Lovebugs, which is a huge success.
- Itís beyond my expectations! Both me and the band are very pleased. The album went straight in to number one. On iTunes in Switzerland the song is number two. Neither me or the band have achieved having a single so far up the charts in Switzerland. This is very exciting and it looks like it will be released in Germany aswell, says Lene.

Translated by Nina


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