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23 June 2006
Sings on Swiss plate
Source : Bladet Tromsø
Today the Swiss band Lovebugs publish the album ”In Every Waking Moment” in their home country. On the song “Avalon”, the Tromsø-artist Lene Marlin is co-operating.

Temporary the song can only be found in the CD-shops in Switzerland, but both the album and the track “Avalon” is available to buy on the web.

To Lene Marlin’s Italian fansite, the members of Lovebugs tell that it’s the first time they have a guest performance on any of their records.

They think that the song “Avalon” was suitable for a duet, and that Lene Marlin was their first choice because of her beautiful and passionate voice.

So they contacted her through her management, and sent her the song, that she liked very much.

Lene Marlin came to Switzerland and worked with the band in studio for two days. The band has told www.lene.it that everybody was pleased with the result.

Lovebugs look at “Avalon” as one of the best songs they have ever made, and say that Lene Marlin has conduced to give it some extra colour.

The single “The Key” came out in front of the release of the album, and it has entered the Swiss hit listings.

“Avalon” is planned to be their next single, and will be released this autumn.
It shall also be made a music video to the song, something Lene Marlin will be involved in.

Until now, the band has existed for 13 years, and is Switzerland’s most known and beloved band.
All of their previous albums have been listed as top ten on the Swiss hit listings.

The band consists of Adrian Sieber (vocal, guitar), Thomas Rechberger (vocal, guitar), Stefan Wagner (keyboards, vocal), Florian Senn (bass) and Simon Ramseier (drums).

Translated by Pernille Byrkoy


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