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17 August 2008
Lene Marlin confirms the relationship with Kåre Conradi
Source : VG
SOKNDAL: - It's nice to be a cohabiter, Lene Marlin says, laughing. Now, she will divide her time between Kåre Conradi in London, and creating a record at Askøy outside of Bergen.

- I'm feeling comfortable in London. I haven't been there much for the time being, because I have been so much at home in Norway, but the plan is to write songs in London. And, yes, it's nice to be a cohabiter, says a smiling Lene Marlin about her new existence in London together with the boyfriend Kåre Conradi (36).

Even though she's living in London, there gets to be a lot of working in Norway.

- I'm used to flying, so I'll continue to travel.

Yesterday, Lene Marlin performed in front of the concert by Katie Melua at the opencast at Titania in Sokndal, during the Dalane Cultural Festival. Eagerly, she was taking pictures from the stage, but leading among the audience stood the most eager photographer - the boyfriend Kåre Conradi.

- Are you proud of your girlfriend, VG asked.

- Yes, of course, Conradi answered, before he pushed himself away among the audience.

No time schedule

Marlin first broke through with a bang in 1998 with the single "Unforgivable Sinner". Today, she's reaching 28 years of age, and can hardly believe it's been ten years since the first hit.

- I remember it well, because it was just before I was 18. I have, meanwhile, become an established artist, and it's really strange thinking about it. Some things, I remember like it happened yesterday.

She's waving away a wasp, and tells about the upcoming plans for an album.

- I don't like telling that a new album is coming before it's done, but we're working on it. For the time being, I don't have a time schedule, people must come home from their vacations first. It's such that when you're creating something new, you would like it to get out as quickly as possible, but it's nice to have it done properly first.

The recording is going on at Askøy outside of Bergen. It's Even "Magnet" Johansen who's in the producer chair, and then there are many other people "coming and going", according to Marlin.

- Very pleased

- I'm very pleased. What we have created until now, I have to say in all modesty, is so f.... great, she says, laughing.

- The last record you also thought was your best?

- Yes, but this is how it must be. I hope it will continue that way, as well, that what you're doing right now is the best, something else would have been strange.

Translated by Tef Johs


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