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11 July 2006
Made for Lene
Source : Elle Magazine Norway
Popstar Lene Marlin needs people around her who she can trust.

- I love this girl. Lene is such an inspiration, an artist, says Bernt Rune Stray, who plays the guitar in Lenes band and has been there since the start in 1999.

- The first time I met her she was just a tiny little girl from northern Norway. I dont think any of us understood the proportions of Lenes career at that point, but I noticed right away that there was something significant in her songs.

Today, Lenes music is known around the world and shes sold millions of records. When she is in Italy she needs seven lifeguards.

- Every time I go on stage there is so much that needs to go smoothly backstage. Everybody need to be focused and the people around me is a huge support to me, says Lene, who besides Bernt Rune also has her friend Silje Viste Grnli, stylist Linda Wickmann and manager Alistair Nordbury.

- Its been important for me to build a team of people around me who I trust. Im so emotional. One moment Im really happy, the next Im sad. That demands a lot of the people around me.

- When we travel together we share both laughter and tears, says Alistair, who used to work with U2. He met Lene three years ago in London.

- I was told about a dark, depressive and melancholic individual. But I was met by a musical talent who I love being around.

- When you are a solo artist, everything is about you. If youre in a band, some can do the interview while the others meet the fans. Lene has to do all of that on her own, and its my job to make sure that shes always feeling well and that her carreer is taken care of, he says and smiles while Linda puts make-up on Lene.

- Alistair is always so funny to be around when were on the road, says Lene, while she is thinking back at the last tour in Asia.

- I remember when we finally got half a day off when we were in China, and we wanted to visit the Forbidden City but it was closed when we arrived there. That made us so sad, says Linda and everybody starts laughing. Having the responsibility for Lenes image is sometimes a battle.

- I never wear something that Im not comfortable in, but Linda often persuades me. She has the ablity to see what will work and what wont, says Lene.

- Whats most important is that Lene feels great. Only that way will she get the right radiation, says Linda and mentions a Roberto Cavalli-skirt she came with prior of the shot of a music video.

- I cannot wear that!, I said, Lene laughs.

- But Linda persuaded me and when the video was done I saw how great it worked out to wear it, says Lene, who also wants to mention her good freind Silje.

- I completely trust her, and its important to have someone there to share things with, says Lene and remembers when she called Silje before she was going to perform for 30000 people on MTV Asia.

- I called Silje and just screamed.

- And I got just as hyper, Silje laughs.

- So the focus is mainly on you, Lene?

- When Im with my friends we dont talk more about my job than about their jobs.

- Lene is very thoughtful. Even if shes on the other side of the world, shell call me to ask me how my job interview went, says Silje.

Translated by Nina

Thanks to lenemarlin.fr


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