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17 February 2009
New notes from Lene
Source : Nordlys
Country and men's choir on the upcoming album.

Lene Marlin's fourth album "Twist The Truth", which is being released March 30th, will be different from most of what we have heard from the Tromsø artist previously.

This is being revealed by Lene Marlin's record company EMI in front of the imminent album release.

- This is different from most other things we have heard from Lene Marlin previously. The album will be more acoustic than the previous releases.

- One song, for instance, contains only the guitar, wind players, and Lene's vocal, the press contact Simen Eidsvåg at EMI says.

New instruments

Lene Marlin has built up a solid name both at home and abroad, with radio friendly hit songs as "Unforgivable Sinner" and "Sitting Down Here".

However, this time there will be new notes from the Tromsø girl.

- We get to hear a bit of country and lots of instruments that we haven't heard on a Lene Marlin album previously.

- And on the song "You Will Cry No More", which is out on MySpace, she has with her a full men's choir, Eidsvåg explains.

Single première today

Already today the Lene Marlin fans will get to hear the first single, "Here We Are", on the radio.

The already mentioned "You Will Cry No More" received a five on the dice in the country's largest newspaper, VG.

Translated by Tef Johs


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