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02 September 2014
Lene Marlin Celebrated For Her Sincerity
Source : VG
Translated by Tef Johs (www.lene-marlin.info)

Strong and brave. This is the frequent wording in the praise of Lene Marlin's open-hearted and personal story.

In an chronicle in Aftenposten she is telling about the pressure she experienced following the breakthrough as an artist. In the end she tried to take her own life.

- I didn't want to live anymore, Marlin writes.

The chronicle has made an impression and many have been praising the artist on Twitter. Several politicians have involved themselves.

The minister of health and care, Bent Høie (H), is writing:

"Brave and courageous of Lene Marlin! More transparency is part of the national strategy in preventing suicide and self-harm".

The leader of Kristelig Folkeparti, Knut Arild Hareide, is writing that the strong post will be of importance to many.

"Lene Marlin's chronicle is making a strong impression. Will mean a lot to many. Important contribution to transparency and is showing true strength".

SV's Bård Vegard Solhjell is bragging of the artist: "It hurts to read it, but it's well done by Lene Marlin telling about it".

"So courageous and important", the previous minister of justice, Knut Storberget (Ap), writes. His party colleague and AUF-leader, Eskil Pedersen, is also impressed:

"Lene Marlin is open and courageous. I think it will help many who have a hard time".

The leader of the transport committee in the Parliament (Stortinget), Linda Hofstad Helleland (H), has also added herself to the long list of politicians and others who are praising the artist:

"Courageous and strong. You are giving many hope that life could get better again. Thank you for sharing your story, Lene Marlin".

Couldn't handle the pressure

The artist colleague Sondre Lerche is writing the following:

"Strong, immediate, and hurtful from Lene Marlin about suicide thoughts".

In the chronicle the artist is very open-hearted.

"I live with it each and every day and will carry it with me for the rest of my life. So I might as well say it out loud:

I tried to end my own life.

I couldn't handle the pressure.

It's strange, isn't it, how you can go from living life for yourself, to suddenly realizing you are living it for everyone else; their expectations and their dreams. How easily one is lost in the demands of others. How easily one takes to living other people's lives", she writes.

The previous top trainer and now football commentator, Lars Tjærnås, is praising Marlin heavily.

"This was sore, strong, and courageous, Lene Marlin. Respect for the fact that you probably are lifting the weights from the shoulders of others", he writes.

The sports journalist Davy Wathne is writing that he's convinced that it sends strong and important signals when a younger star like Lene Marlin is putting words on such a topic.

Help for others

The researcher and chief psychologist at the National centre for suicide research, Fredrik Walby, believes Marlin could help others who are having a hard time.

- The way I'm reading it, she is very careful about showing that these are thoughts many could have. That Marlin is showing that this is something she has gotten though, I'm thinking is very constructive, says Walby to VG, and adds:

- When you have such sad and heavy thoughts one easily is caught up by hopelessness. She is writing that this is something that's possible getting out of. I think we all the time need to communicate that there is help to get.

VG has been in touch with Marlin's manager, Jan Erik Haglund. He informs that Marlin does not have any comments besides what is in the chronicle.


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