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18 August 2007
Lene recommends therapy
Source : Dagbladet
Lene Marlin has learned her lesson and is thinking more about herself. On Saturday sheíll do her first concert in Norway in three years.

- Iíve learned to put away the bad conscience. When I realised that I donít have to give of myself all the time, everything was just so much better. Iím thinking more about myself. Itís a good feeling to know that Iíve figured that out, says Lene Marlin.
August 25th. Sheíll play her own music on a stage in Norway for the first time in three years. She chose to do it in TromsÝ and at DÝgnvillfestivalen.
- Iím really looking forward to it. I thought I would be more nervous than I am. To go on great tours has never been my thing. Iím not in a band, itís just me and that creates a bit more lonely feeling around the music.
She will do just this concert for now. Lene is now in control of her own life. It hasnít always been like that.

After she suddenly disappeared a few years ago, Lene Marlin has figured out a lot of things. First and foremost that she doesnít have to deal with difficult times alone.
- People ask me: ďYouíre seeing a psychologist? How did you dear to do that?Ē I donít understand what the fuss is about. It would have been madness if I were to deal with it all on my own. Trust me, itís no big deal. If your tooth hurts, you go to the dentist. You donít deal with it on your own.
But despite that sheís so open about it, she says:
- Iím not going to be some spokesperson for it. But itís good to have someone I can talk about everything with. Iíve recommended many I know to see a psychologist.
- Are you still in therapy?
- Yes, whenever I feel like it. I have a creative job, so I often have a lot on my mind, I think a lot. Iím very sensitive. I have to get things out. It also helps to write songs.
- What else do you do to get out of it?
- Iíve given myself time. And the most important support I get is from family and friends. Iíve learned a lot from it. People said: ďdonít take it so hardĒ but then I replied ďbut I doĒ. If you say yes to everything you wear yourself out.

Her career has taken its toll on Lene Marlin. But unlike before, sheís now decided to take control of the tempo.
- Iím doing great now! Many fear to ask about it. They are afraid Iíll disappear again. Itís nice that people comment on that they havenít seen me much lately. I just donít have the need to be visible all the time.
- I donít miss the jetset-life. Iíve done this for ten years and after a while I learned what I really need. So I enjoy my freedom.
Lene wants to return back in the spotlight, but she just doesnít know when.
- People often ask me when Iíll release a new album. Maybe I should. Or maybe I should retire? - she jokes.
She has experienced periods when songs arenít easy to write.
- I almost panic when that happens. I am extremely self-critical. Iíll start working on a song and then notice that I have to work more with it or Iíll feel that itís not good enough. Many songs have ended up in the garbage can. But I donít think about writing a hit. I do not feel any pressure or responsibility to release a new album. If I donít want to, I will not do it. I have to do it for myself.

Lene has contributed to Rihannaís latest album. She has also helped Lovebugs both in the studio and on stage.
- But Iíve written a lot of song for myself too. I just donít know what will come out of it yet. Right now I donít believe in planning too much.
That is how she works. And she gladly speaks about her latest idea:
- I want to go on a wine and food-tour in Italy. And play in small clubs. Iíve talked about it so many times with my guitarist Berny. So I should do it soon.
To visit Italy isnít just a random choice for a destination for Lene. She has many good experiences from there.
- That was where things started to happen first when we began working on countries outside of Norway. I have many great memories from Italy and have travelled there a lot. It was special to me.
Lene say that she wants to release more music, but that it takes more songs than she has now.
- Every record demand a lot from me. Some times I have to breathe and go back to start.

Translated by Nina


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