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04 November 2005
Lene interview at Senkveld
Source : TV2
Thomas: She's just returned from a benediction tour in Asia. Soon we're going to hear what Taiwan's most famous fortune teller said about her future, but first, here is a smaller clip from her latest video, 'What if' (plays). Please welcome, Lene Marlin!

Thomas: Yes, nice to have you back!

Lene: Thanks!

Thomas: Are you doing okay?

Lene: I'm doing very good!

Thomas: You've just returned from Taiwan and China. How were you received over there?

Lene: It was a shock, actually. I had not expected that at all. It was an experience for life!

Thomas: What happened?

Lene: It's not the coolest, perhaps, but you have been flying day and night, and you're getting out of the plane in Taipei, and immediately when you get out of the plane, there are photographers and TV-cameras that are just following you through passport check and all. Then I realized that, this is going to be a quite special trip.

Thomas: We are now going to watch some pictures from a TV-show that you appeared on in Taiwan, where Lene is trying to teach the program hosts the Troms° dialect.

(Clip from SET-TV's 'Showbiz' broadcast on October 20th plays, where Lene is teaching the hosts to say 'Ă heite...')

Thomas: Lene, how is it as a western artist to be performing in China?

Lene: 'Performing in China', yes. Taiwan and China were very different from eachother, I must say.

Thomas: What was the difference?

Lene: Among other things, in China I was going to have a showcase, and then somebody says 'just so you know, there are somebody from the government at the back'. Then it's like, okay, so they have me under surveillance, so that I don't say something negative.

Thomas: What are they afraid of?

Lene: I don't know, for me it was, it isn't like that when I'm going to France or Italy, 'just so you know, there is somebody...'

Harald: So there's censorship, in a way?

Lene: Yes, a bit of censorship.

Thomas: We've gotten hold of a larger feature from China Times, where you were having your fortune told in tarot cards. He is super-well known in Taiwan, Maurice, the celebrity fortune teller Maurice. How did that meeting go?

Lene: He just showed me some cards, and the journalists just stood there, ready, 'now it's coming'. Then he asked one question or the other, and I drew a card, and he told me what that meant for me.

Thomas: You were going through money, love, and career.

Lene: I'm not going to win the lotto, he said.

Thomas: You're not?

Lene: No, no lottery!

Thomas: How is the economy looking ahead, does it look good?

Lene: Well, I have to say I got a little nervous. He's so popular, and everybody is reading this, taking it seriously. And then I became a little, 'could you be nice?' (laughs) 'If you see something ugly, can't you just sweep it under the carpet?'. And then I could just take the good.

Thomas: Did he go along with that?

Lene: Yes, yes, I think he understood; I don't think he would like to be the person who'd say 'oh, now there'll be sad times'.

Harald: 'Now everything goes to hell'?

Lene: Yes, 'now everything goes to hell'.

Thomas: I heard that the journalist had to go out, so that you got your own session?

Lene: Yes, very important! When you get the chance, you just have to grab it! I thought this is good, I'm far away from home, now I could just take advantage of it.

Thomas: What came out?

Lene: Well, that I can't tell! What's exciting now is; he was highly correct, that's the worst of all. The part after the journalist had gone, not what the journalist had refered to. Afterwards, in the closed room. Everything came out!

Harald: I was told my fortune, you know. On Sri Lanka. He meant that when I came home from Sri Lanka, in 2002, I was going to sell the apartment, and become a priest!


Thomas: This fortune telling seancÚ was put on a large feature in China Times. Look at this; but this is very difficult to understand? How much do you understand of what's there?

Lene: That's not much. I quickly discovered that I was feeling a bit 'lost in translation'. I got that feeling, because you're saying one thing, and then you're pretty sure that what's been delivered on isn't quite exactly what you said. So I'm quite anxious about what has been reported from these interviews.

Thomas: We got hold of your Taiwan interview, and got it translated. So here you can watch what they really said!

Lene: Ah!

(The movie clip features a nonsense translation in Norwegian of the hosts just to amuse Lene - with success. They are among other things making fun of Lene's white knitting cap).

(Lene laughing long and well)

Thomas: You're going to play for us later! Lene Marlin, ladies and gentlemen!

Transcription by Tef Johs


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