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17 June 2005
- A kick from playing new songs
Source : Dagbladet
Dedicated Lene Marlin fans squeezed together at Oslo City yesterday, while the main person served four songs from her new album, and signed albums thereafter.

Herself, she radiated after the short sťance at Platekompaniet.

- It was really good! It is such a kick getting to play the new songs, and it seemed like people were quiet and listening, Lene thought.

Four songs

She appeared with a band of five men, who followed her closely on 'Eyes Closed', 'Never To Know' and 'How Would It Be'. In the end, Lene sat alone on the stool, and was accompanying herself on acoustic guitar on 'When You Were Around'.

The four songs Lene played was naturally from the new album, 'Lost In A Moment', which appeared quite abruptly.

- There were several situations that made it appear so suddenly. The record is a natural development for me. And I think it got so good!

The mini concert at Oslo City is a part of the extensive marketing of 'Lost In A Moment'. However, Norway is just one of many countries where the record is to have attention.

- I came home from Switzerland yesterday, and last week I was in France and Italy. I'm going back to Italy, and then there is Germany and Sweden and Belgium and so on, with TV and interviews. The plans are changing from day to day.


Earlier this week, it got known that the Italian fashion king, Roberto Cavalli, very much would like Lene Marlin to be fronting his new collection. To this, she hadn't much statement.

- We'll see! I have only met some of them, and received a pair of cool sunglasses, and a couple of catalogues that I will turn the pages of. If they are nice? Clothes are clothes, Lene Marlin believes.

Then she said a nicely thank you, and went on her way to the next appointment.

The new album has received mixed criticism, and Dagbladet's Sigrid Hvidsten was one of those giving 'Lost In A Moment' a dice roll of 'three'. In her blog, Lene has commented both this and other reviews:

'Sigrid Hvidsten of Dagbladet is writing about my person, and is giving it a 3. Hvidsten has never spoken with me, but I understand she has a fantastic ability viewing things from a distance. And, yes, from a distance I may seem a little weird, where I'm fiddling about in the streets, and is totally inaccessible. At least on parties. A judgement is surely in its timely place! I apparently give interviews rarely, but I do think a 1000 is quite many! The albums are arriving with irregular intervals, and THANK HEAVENS FOR THAT!'

Lene Marlin's third album has received mixed criticism, but this the fans who appeared at Oslo City didn't care about at all.

Translated by Tef Johs


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