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16 October 2005
Lost In A Moment - Review by Martin Drury
Source : www.music-news.com
Lene Marlin returns with a beautiful, alluring, sexy, heartfelt ode to the alternative. ‘How Would It Be’ is followed by three dots rather than a question mark. It’s a musing on a future where it rains possibilities. With her skill with the words, the vocals and the guitar shining well above par, Marlin proves herself to be Sheryl Crow’s heir apparent. As usual where Marlin is concerned, the romance is in the simplistic. Marlin is the modern-day minstrel, the travelling singer who cares little for spectacle and a lot for the substance behind the style. Physically, Marlin is stunning but rightly chooses to set her music before her body- calling to Aimee Mann and Fiona Apple in her delicate, beautiful interpretation of relationships within the human condition. Not for the first time, the single is the scout. There’s a new album on the way and this release is a harbinger of delights to come. ‘How Would It Be’ verges on the beauty of ‘Sitting Down Here’

‘How Would It Be’ is more upbeat than previous offerings from Miss Marlin but the ballad of the parallel dimension does not sacrifice meaning in order to be worshipped by the frothy-coffee crowd. There’s substance here and poetry in motion. The listener wonders what it would have been like if the relationship which failed early on had lasted into marriage. How would it have felt to still be with her? One theory suggests that when we step left, someone else, somewhere else, someone with a face not unlike our own, steps right. Consider the possible laid out for all to see. As Dr. Richard Dawkins remarked, it’s raining DNA outside your window. Time to drench yourself in the possible. One life, one moment, one chance. Till the next time.


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