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14 June 2005
Gray weather pop from Marlin - Review by Martin Thronsen
Source : tv2.no
Lene Marlin - Lost In A Moment

There are lots of positive things to say about Lene Marlin. She has, for instance, made many nice pop songs, and she has commited the most praiseworthy action of giving the shy a face.

The latter may sound disrespectful and ironic, but I do mean it, actually. As a counterbalance to the hordes of willingly a- to z celebrities we are encumbered with, who are wagging their tail for the idiotic press as soon as there are words of 'placard', Lene Marlin appears as the sound breath of freshness in all her reserved delicateness.

This fragility, in interplay with her introvert propensity to melancholy, is also coming forth well on records, perhaps especially on her previous album, which by far didn't sell as much as the record company had dreamt about, perhaps just because of the latterly mentioned tendencies.

But now, you know, she has just as well gone behind the record company's back, and made an album in all secrecy and at full throttle. Presumably, this was to avoid the pressure of expectations, commands from the record company and other barbs when the creative juices are to be flooding freely.

However, then she is going to Stargate, the eel-slippery Trondheim-based producer team who has to be held responsible for larger parts of what is wrong with Norwegian music life.

Now, there was not much they could ruin, put straight, or smoothing over, because the song material Lene Marlin has tumbled together here, wasn't much to speak of anyway.

Even though a song like 'Leave My Mind' is a bit nice on its characteristically Marlin-sore way, 'Lost In A Moment' as a whole isn't much to speak of.

Only as an exception you are feeling that Marlin has felt something when she has written this. What you more often are feeling, is that here she has felt that now she has to create something that sounds like an emotional Marlin.

Forced is one head word, cliché-filled, grey, and anonymous are three others. She has to watch herself now, the good Marlin, before she is getting equally flat as Jewel and Alanis. She has actually more to offer than this.

Translated by Tef Johs


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