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10 August 2005
Dutch Interview to lene-marlin.com
Source : Radio 2
Intro: When you think you hear the 24 years old Norwegian Lene Marlin this week for the first time then I will refresh your memory...
The Norwegian Lene Marlin Perdersen is this week Radio 2 CD with her album Lost in A Moment. But she was also there two years ago...
Sitting Down here was on the dutch radio's on and on and also became a huge hit in The Netherlands. After that we haven't heard a lot of Lene Marlin annymore although she kept making music. It is remarkable that the website www.lene-marlin.com is maintained by a Dutch person called Richard Buikema.

Host (Hans Schiffers): Richard, you also maintain www.lenemarlin.nl, a dutch site. Aren't you in some way a Norwegian Dutch guy?
Richard Buikema: Yeah, perhaps. I like Norway and Holland a lot.

Host: How does it come that you like Norway?
Richard: It's the country itsself, the people and the nature.

Host: How famous is Lene marlin in Norway?
Richard: Very famous, you could compare it to Marco Borsato (a really famous dutch artist) in The Netherlands.

Host: So she is the Norwegian Marco Borsato?
Richard: Yeah, you could call it that way.

Host: And why have you made those websites?
Richard: Well, I heard her song on the radio and thought that I wanted to know more about her... that was in 1999 when she wasn't that famous yet...

Host: She was 18 years old back then...
Richard: Correct. Then I thought that I could also start a website about her and give the people more information about her, perhaps I can even help her to make her a little bit more famous...

Host: So you have kept notice about Lene. What kind of woman is she?
Richard: Offcourse she is verry good looking.. (laughs)..

Host: Also not very unimportant.. (also laughs)..
Richard: No indeed... well, you could notice that she was kinda afraid for the press in the beginning, so she took a break between the first and the second album...

Host: Why was she so afraid of the press...?
Richard: That's because she suddenly became very famous, so that's a pretty big shock..

Host: It came so suddenly for her... so has she also withdrawn herself from the press..
Richard: Well.. at first she has indeed withdrawn herself from the press, but after 4 years she came back.

Host: Her album which we are playing all week has a remarkable history... please explain..
Richard: Yes, that's true. She started to record her own songs after her second album "Another Day" and after she was finished recording it she got to the record label and said: "...I have a new album". She has not created it with a producer.

Host: Why hasn't she done that?
Richard: Well, she wanted more freedom, so she decided to record it on her own, withouth a producer.

Host: If you have to choose a song (from the new album), which will it be...
Richard: Well, that will be the first song... "How Would It Be"...

Host: Why this song...
Richard: Well, because of the song and lyrics and I like these kind of songs..

Host: Ok. Richard Buikema. Creator of www.lene-marlin.com and www.lenemarlin.nl
Richard: Yes... correct

Host: Good Luck!
Richard: Thanks..

Transcripted and translated by Richard Buikema


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