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20 June 2005
Lene Marlin reacts to reviews
Source : NRK Radio P2
Lene Marlin thinks Stein Østbø has the wrong focus in his review of her latest album.

Lene Marlin believes the music reviewers have reviewed her private life and not the new record. The criticism comes following a review that is dealing with Marlin's relationship to her girl friend's death. Now she gets support from the Artist Union.

- It could be perceived as lack of empathy, says Aafløy.

Chairman of the board of the Artist Union, Knut Aafløy, is responding to VG's review of Lene Marlin's latest record, 'Lost In A Moment', which got released earlier in June.

- It has something to do with today's tabloid reality, statements are often thrown out in the lack of column space. Personally, I think that such argumentation has little to do in an album review, unless it gets well supported, says Aafløy.

Focus on the private life

On her webpage, Lene Marlin is now writing that she experiences that the critics are reviewing her private life, not her music. VG's music reviewer, Stein Østbø, is writing among other things; ' Not even her girl friend's death (the album is dedicated to her) has triggered any deeper bottom in the songs'. This Marlin is reacting to.

Read more at Lene Marlin's homepage, and choose 'blogg' in the menu.

Kulturnytt has not been successful in obtaining a comment from Lene Marlin, but Knut Aafløy of the Artist Union agrees in that the reviewer of VG has gone too far.

- If you are to pull this into the review to decide whether this has become a better album, then I understand Lene Marlin's indignation. It seems like a easy statement that one could throw out there, and it could be perceived as lack of empathy, says Aafløy.

Østbø standing his ground

VG's music reviwer, Stein Østbø, does not agree with Lene Marlin's criticism.

- No, I can't really understand it. These are two-three smaller sentences in an album review of almost twenty five lines. That it takes away the focus from the album review, I don't fully agree with. However, when you are moving into such a vulnerable area, you perhaps stop to read the review in pure affection, and this I can understand. However, in its whole, this review should also be read in its entirety, says Østbø.

Translated by Tef Johs


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