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10 June 2005
Lost In A Moment - Review by Tor H. Bergsrud
Source : tromsoby.no
- Oh yes, this is good enough!

Despite the scepticism after the single release in front of the album, I would call this a convincing new album.

OK, so Lene Marlin managed to kick back my scepticism. The scepticism has been based on the single 'How Would It Be', the song she released in front of the album. The Stargate boys haven't managed to 'drown' her, instead she has written a series of wonderful new songs. Her voice is showing to its advantage! It has also become more mature.

The songs:

- 'My Lucky Day'. A mid-tempo song with a rough sound picture. Heavy guitars. Nice song.

- 'All I Can Say'. A lighter and more calm song. Wonderful pop.

- 'How Would It Be'. The beforementioned single. Actually among the album's weakest. Is missing the raise and gets too anonymous.

- 'Hope You're Happy'. Here she is in the melancholic corner. Nice song.

- 'What If'. A more up-tempo song. Rocked-up guitars, catchy song.

- 'Leave My Mind'. More calm and wonderful pop song. A pseduo-ballad!

- 'When You Were Around'. A real 'down' ballad. A song that is about loss and lost love.

- 'Never To Know'. Airy and melancholic pop. Nice song.

- 'Eyes Closed'. Somewhat anonymous, but still okay pop.

- 'It's True'. A wistful and melancholic song. Good Lene Marlin standard.

- 'Wish I Could'. More up-tempo. Among the more uninteresting. Besides, the sound picture doesn't suit her here. Too pompous and anonymous.

All in all, a solid Lene Marlin album.

Translated by Tef Johs


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