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13 June 2005
Wanted by the fashion king Cavalli
Source : VG
Roberto Cavalli, the king of Italian fashion, has contacted the Norwegian star artist Lene Marlin for fronting his next collection.

- He saw Lene Marlin in a music video on Italian MTV and kicked on her completely. He meant that she was perfect for his next collection, says promo manager Hans Petter Haaland at Marlin's record company EMI.

- Cavalli's PR-company has now taken direct contact with Lene for staging a cooperation, says Haaland.

In good company

Marlin is thus in good company; artists like Beyoncé and Destiny's Child, Anastasia, Jennifer Lopez, and Steven Tyler from Aerosmith have all been utilized to profile the Italian fashion house.

Cavalli is also among the most used designers that the stars are using for greater media events, like Oscar and Grammy.

Cavalli started his career by creating mini-skirts for Brigitte Bardot and Sophia Loren, but was troubling a lot during the dominating Prada minimalism at the beginning of the 90's.

The latter three-four years, Cavalli has had an enormous come-back, and was last year elected king of baroque rock'n'roll by the world's mightiest fashion writer, Suzy Menkes.

In the International Herald Tribune she wrote following the fashion shows in Milan last winter:

'Versace tried to conquer the vibes of victory. However, after Friday's parade by fantastic embellishments fabulous techniques, there were no doubts about who was the winner. Cavalli has taken over what was once Vercace's fashion trademark, and has become the king of baroque rock'n'roll', Menkes wrote.

- Rejected Versace

On the client list, there were among others Bono, David Beckham, and Madonna, and the Norwegian billion heir Kathrine Fredriksen, daughter of the shipowner John Fredriksen.

The Norwegian designer Peter Dundas (39) has the latter three years been one of Cavalli's trusted new younger designers who has been involved in shaping the house's new collection and profile.

Dundas rejected an offer from Cavalli's highest competitor, Donnatella Versace, to be able saying yes to Cavalli.

- I said no for several reasons. One of them is that I would rather be working with Cavalli, whom is number one among the Italian designers today, said Dundas to VG at that time.

Regarding Lene Marlin now being engaged to be fronting Cavalli, Dundas says to VG:

- This is a nice opportunity and will strengthen her image. Lene is a wonderful artist, but will probably have a benefit from getting the look 'luxed'. More fashion, more rock star.

- How does Cavalli choose his people?

- He sees of course the potential, but he nevertheless acts out of instinct.

- Flattered

- What does image and wrapping mean for an artist today?

- It means an enormous lot. However, it is very important that it is an artist that suits the designer. And I believe it will be great if Lene dresses herself in Cavalli. She is being played a lot here in Italy, and I think Cavalli and Lene could find much delight in eachother, Peter Dundas believes.

Lene Marlin herself is laughing, and says:

- I'm very flattered about them getting so enthusiastic after having seen my new video, 'How Would It Be'. We will see what happens next, but at the moment I have gotten some catalogues I will be turning some pages of. I don't know quite what is the thing, but at least it is pleasant.

Translated by Tef Johs


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