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01 June 2005
Lene took the control
Source : Dagbladet
When Lene Marlin sneaked into the office of EMI-director Per Eirik Johansen, he thought he was about to hear one new song. He got a whole album.

EXCITED: Lene Marlin is ready with her third album. 'Lost In A Moment' is being released on June 11th. - It feels much better having made three albums before filled 25 years, than just two, she says.

- Music is a very large part of my life, but not the whole of my life. You know, in the worse periods of 2000, I was travelling 14-15 hours daily, and could be visiting three countries in one day. I have probably been talking to more than a thousand journalists, Lene Marlin says.

Dagbladet is meeting one of Norway's most successful artists on the honourable Hvalstrand Bad in Asker. We are expressing a wish for doing the interview on the diving tower, ten meters above ground. Lene Marlin is politely thanking no, she has a sore throat.

- You are describing a period that resulted in a pause from the music. Would you have chosen to let it all go if you could?

- No, of course not, but this has been a trough of the waves. I remember when I won the MTV award in 1999, and I had to move on after about three minutes. That time was not so much fun, but really, I don't have any regrets, I wouldn't have been here today, if not. So, about me doing it all over again, yes, absolutely. However, perhaps with a bit more breathers, the Tromsų artist tells us.

Nerve tickling

That is why Lene Marlin took complete control over album number three. In fact, so much control that it was just the producer, musicians, and a couple of good friends that knew what was going on.

- People don't really believe that the record company didn't know anything, but when I was putting on the record for Per Eirik, and he got to hear a full album, he got totally blown away. I had never thought I was going to manage to keep it all a secret, but now in the aftermath I'm very glad about just that, says Lene Marlin.

The secret has resulted in an album that is hundred percent finished before various industry deals are laying on the table, and that Lene Marlin may in a much larger degree be resting on her back, and let the album and the industry be living their own life. Something she admits is wonderful, but somewhat over medium nerve tickling.

- There are almost nobody who have heard my album. At the same time, I think that this is my very best record, something I probably am saying every time, but something I really mean this time, and well, I'm incredibly excited about what people will think, says a very talkative Lene Marlin.

Conceived in an airplane

On the record she is singing about lost love, about loss, and about relationships that have changed. Marlin has, like always, written all the lyrics herself, but whom and what she is actually singing about, she won't tell.

- It's up to the listener to be creating an own relationship to the lyrics, but it's not really only vorspiel music on the album. It's simpler to be making music when you are a bit sad. At the same time, it's not like I'm deciding on when to create a song, they are just coming to me.

For, according to Marlin, most of the melodies and the lyrics are conceived in the strangest of places.

- Airplanes are the worst. You don't know how irritating it is to be sitting 10.000 meters above ground, without a guitar, when there is a melody suddenly falling down in your head, says Lene Marlin.

Translated by Tef Johs


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