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14 June 2005
- My best album
Source : Bergens Tidende
- For many the third album is supposed to be the most difficult to make. For me has 'Lost In A Moment' become the easier. And the better, claims Lene Marlin.

Silence could be Golden. At least Lene got praise and not spank from her record company manager Per Eirik Johansen, when the 24-year-old earlier this winter told she had recorded a fully completed album. In hiding. And at least the 'secret album' has gotten its share and more than that of column space in the newspapers, following the revelations. And now that the album is finally here, there are few that get surprised if also 'Lost In A Moment' is selling to Gold.

- A great journey up

- I'm looking forward to the release, for this whole process has been solely a great journey up. First that something that wasn't to happen, actually is happening totally spontanously. That it becomes a full album out of nothing. And then that we managed to keep the secrecy all the way to the finish line. And now finally that the record is actually going out and that people can be listening to it, says Lene Marlin, who went to Trondheim and the producer team Stargate last autumn, due to a smaller movie score project.

However, they felt so comfortable in the studio together that the songs were just rolling out, the one after the other.

- When I was there the first time, everything worked so well creatively that it was just incredibly fun. However, it was first after the second sťance that we separately started to understand that something unforeseen was about to happen. The songs that came were so good that we didn't even have to say it, it was enough just looking at eachother. Both parties understood that it headed in the direction of an album, says Lene Marlin sparklingly fit and delighted.

Play and fun

If 'Lost In A Moment' doesn't exactly sparkle, it is still far lighter in its temper than the prequel 'Another Day'. Because of natural reasons, Lene believes.

- When I started with 'Another Day', I had been through a heavy period. And even though nobody put any pressure on me, I did this myself, unconsciously. It had been four years since the debut, 'Playing My Game', and I realized that many were waiting for the sequel, such that I myself was feeling the pressure of expectations. It got to be too much seriousness surrounding that recording, while music should rather be play and fun.

And this is exactly what Lene thinks that 'Lost In A Moment' has become.

- When nobody is having any clue whatsoever, and when you yourself haven't been thinking about a new record, the spontaneity and the mood gets more positive. The Trondheim sťance could be summarized with the headwords quiet, little fuss, much play, and even more fun. Perfect frame for a recording, Lene radiates, who still emphasizes that the new album has not become a party record.

- No, for that there are probably others who would fit better. But positive it is!

New tour?

Some few months ago, Lene Marlin embarked on her very first concert tour, together with Morten Abel and Bertine Zetlitz. The tour became an economical disaster, but this is not the reason for Lene saying a temporary no on the question of another tour.

- The coming months will be spent promoting 'Lost In A Moment'. The album is going out in 17 countries, so there will be a lot of traveling to so many different countries that a tour is out of the question. However, if I see an opening for it, there is no lack of the desire. For even though the tour with Morten and Bertine went poorly economically, I enjoyed immensly the touring life. After having worked so much alone with music, it was so good experiencing the fellow feeling with the band, the others involved, and not least the audience. Getting to share my music with so many is a just a totally fantastic intoxication!

Translated by Tef Johs


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