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04 June 2005
Got lost in the moment
Source : Avisa Nordland
Lene Marlin (24) surprised both herself and others by recording a new album so soon. Now she doesn't rule out that there could be a tour.

The album 'Lost In A Moment' is in stores from Monday, June 13. Lene Marlin has something or other to be living up to. The debut album has sold 1.7 million, while the sequel 'Another Day' has exceeded 600.000. This doesn't scare her. 'Lost In A Moment' was created in pure joy, dominated by excess energy.

- I'm happy, and is having a good feeling. The music on the new record is lighter than what I have done earlier. The songs are more varied than previously. The record was created in a condition of pleasurable sensation. Many of the songs were even written in the studio, says Lene Marlin to Avisa Nordland.

The songs were recorded in Trondheim in cooperation with the producer-team Stargate. The recording were done in all secrecy, also without the record company EMI knowing anything about what she was on to. Just a gimmick, or?

- People are saying to me; be honest now, Lene! And that I am. EMI didn't know anything, she declares solemnly.

- Does this mean that you are totally free in regards to agreements and contracts?

- I took the liberty. The EMI manager, Per Eirik Johansen, got speechless and dumbfounded. When he got to hear the music, he got happy and satisfied. For me, it was pleasant being in the studio without any hustle and bustle, and pressure, something that led to it becoming a spontanous and creative process, she says.

Perhaps a tour

Now the album will be launched in Norway, followed by Italy. Thereafter there will surely be other European countries reporting for duty. The greater question is still whether Lene Marlin finally is feeling mature enough to do a tour.

- Nothing is concrete there. I'm writing with a pencil in my almanac. Much is uncertain and unpredictable. However, I have the same band as when I was touring with Morten Abel and Bertine Zetlitz. The tour was something of the most positive I've experienced. Perhaps there will be something in the course of this year. I'm seeing that could happen, she says, and continues:

- In Italy they are making a fuss (scalpitano) about it. Perhaps there will be a food- and wine tour in Italy. That would have been nice, Lene Marlin chuckles.

Million income

She doesn't want to talk about what she's spending her million income on. Lene Marlin is rejecting such questions politely.

- I'm spending money like everyone else, she says.

- What do you think about the greater pages about the new style and hairstyle in the aftermath of your appearance at Skavlan?

- I have been in this industry for so long now, that I know a bit about what comes with it. It's just fun. I laughed well when I saw the papers. Things like this sort of belong to the package.

Return to Italy

Lene Marlin is trying to be living as much of a normal life as possible, when she's got spare time and is at home in Oslo.

- I'm relaxing and meeting friends. I'm actually quite social. I'm doing a healthy mix of a lot of things. There is nothing I really have to be doing, she says.

She is not on the list of artists that will be performing during the Mandela concert in Tromsų in a week.

- I'm out traveling by then. In Italy, Lene Marlin answers, who actually hadn't planned releasing a new album in 2005. Now, she is instead walking about looking very much forward to the launch date for 'Lost In A Moment', on June 13.

Translated by Tef Johs


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