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08 August 1999
Lene Marlin's DIARY
Source : Topp
Hi again!

Hoping you're having a nice summer. I'm now sitting in Germany, on a smaller café, waiting to do a radio interview. Has just come to Berlin, and this is the 8. German city we are visiting in four days. You could safely say that I'm gettig tired of flying. However, we are having some fun, at least. I don't travel alone, but together with three others. Today, there are a lot of interviews in Berlin, before I'm going on yet another plane to Paris. I'm looking forward to it. There I will namely be recording a video for 'Where I'm Headed'. I'm a bit excited about how it will turn out...The video recording will take a couple of days, then we're heading for England. I must admit I'm anxious about that a little. Yes, now it's July, but I don't really feel that I have experienced the summer yet. Luckily, I get some free time in August, and then I will really be relaxing and having myself a good time. I'm looking much forward to be meeting my friends, who I haven't seen for a good while. However, just now it's my record that is taking all my time. Have a nice summer still!

Lene Marlin


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