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22 March 2000
Fjord Focus
Source : Smash Hits
"I'm made for silly questions," quips Norwegian songbird Lene Marlin. Ha! But she ain't seen how silly these are yet.

Smash Hits (SH): Spring may be in the air, but what season is Lene Marlin?
Lene: Where I'm from, Tromso in Norway, we only have one hour of sunlight in the winter, and in the summer it's still light at 11pm so it's hard to sleep! So I think I'm an autumn or a spring person - somewhere in the middle.

SH: Your single's called Sitting Down Here, but are you a rocking chair kinda person or a big comfy armchair person?
Lene: Hahaha! Am I a what? Oh, big and comfy, definitely. I'm only small so I can curl up and disappear in a big chair.

SH: You're from Norway, what makes you say 'Norway, Norway'?
Lene: What? (As in 'No way, no way,' of course. Erm, sorry) Well, a lot of questions I don't answer, and when photographers ask to take my picture in my bedroom or home, I say, "No, that's personal." I became famous almost overnight in Norway, it was like I was walking in the streets on Monday and no-one knew who I was, and on Tuesday, everyone knew! Photographers are always hiding outside my house, and I am always making big trouble!

SH: A marlin is a type of fish. Does Lene Marlin like a spot of fishing?
Lene: Hahaha! I knew that! If you live in Norway you have to like fish, and I like fishing too, it's a lovely way to relax, and Norway is such a beautiful country. How else do I relax? I sleep, see mates, and go drinking without worrying about getting up the next day! I liked sport when I was younger, football, volleyball and tae kwondo - but I wasn't good.

Transcripted by fruitcake


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