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18 July 2003
Listen to Lene Marlin singing again!
Source : VG
The Italian radio station Capital has played Lene Marlin's new single "You Weren't There".

This is according to Nordlys.

Italian radio have for some time hunted for the first single from Lene Marlin's upcoming album, and now the hunt has paid off. At 3:30 AM last night "You Weren't There" was played on the radio station Capital.

On the radio station's website an extract of 45 seconds from the song may be heard, which reveals that Marlin now has moved in the direction of the pop-rock genre.

Lene Marlin's new album "Another Day" will be released on September 22. The album has brought about sky high expectations, which is produced by the British star-producer Mike Hedges.

From success to silence.

The young Tromsų-girl had a crashing success when the single "Unforgivable Sinner" was released in 1998. As the very first Norwegian beginner ever the 18-year-old climbed straight to the top on the VG charts.

During a few months it had sold 40 000 copies, and the success continued with the next single "Sitting Down Here".

When the album came in the spring of 1999, Marlin hysteria spread across Europe, Japan and Australia.

But the sudden superstar status became difficult to handle for the girl from Tromsų. Lene Marlin would no longer talk to the press or show herself in public. The record company Virgin refused to comment on what had happened.

However, now Lene Marlin is back with one of the most long-awaited come-backs in a very long time.

Translation by Tef Johs


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