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19 July 2003
A thrilling taste
Source : Dagbladet
After the incredible success of "Playing My Game" in 1999 the height of fall is great when Lene Marlin at last breaks the silence.

SINGLE: "You Weren't There" is the first taste of the long-awaited sequel. And - nobody is going to claim that she is surfing on the recipe from the international success. Because it's a totally different Lene Marlin we can hear on the first single - which we at the moment only have gotten access to by way of an italian radio station. Not until today will you be able to hear it on Norwegian radio.

Gone is the girlish voice, on the single Lene projects as a grown and matured artist with a soft and pleasent voice. However, the first sample does not imply that we might expect another pop sensation.

Immediately, the style of the four minute long single is reminiscent of overriped american college pop, with guitar and keyboards well advanced in a more well-rounded and heavier sound picture than we know from the debut. The track has a catchy refrain and will most surely be played to pieces on the radio the days and weeks ahead. And I should think so too, with a view on the huge interest in advance of the new album. The drawback of the song is that it sounds a bit over-produced and overloaded with instruments and sound, at the sacrifice of her voice.

However, it is only when the album is released in September that we'll get the answer if "You Weren't There" is representative of the "new Lene Marlin". The expectations are almost inhumanly great. There is a lot that points to that this is one of the reasons it has taken her three years to return.

Translation by Tef Johs


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