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18 July 2003
Lene Marlins new track out in Italy
Source : Aftenposten
Today, italian radio-listeners can hear Lene Marlin's long-awaited new single. It's called "You weren't there", and it's a "typical" Lene Marlin track.

The world has waited long for something new from the girl from Tromsų. After the international success with the debut album "Playing My Game", a lot of prizes and sales in the millions, Marlin suddenly withdrew from the spotlight. Innumerable rumours buzzed, but Marlin kept silent.

Last night the new single "You weren't there" was played on italian radio. She has a very active fan club in Italy. The fan club has an overview of which radio stations that are playing the song, and where you could vote for Marlin on the radio playlists. On the fan club's forum pages the fans have already given their comments.

- The beautiful and soft voice is unmistakable and a bit melancholy (...) and floats like a cloud through the song. When you listen to the song for the second time you get the feeling of meeting an old friend, the president of the fan club writes, who also emphasizes that this doesn't mean that he thinks that Marlin hasn't evolved.

The single is not due out in retail stores until September 8, and the album "Another Day" will be released September 22.

Translation by Tef Johs


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