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Interview with fans in Dagbladet (20/11/98)

Lene, who picked up the guitar for the first time three years ago, has already sold to Platinum for her first single. With over 20.000 singles sold, the 18-year-old beginner from Tromsø is the Norwegian artist who have sold the most singles this year. The album is coming this spring.

Composing - Hi. Do you make your own music. composing of drums, guitar, bass, the whole package all alone? (Or are you playing with other people?) Other than this, incredibly wonderful song!!!!!!

Lene: I'm writing the lyrics and making the melody myself, and is singing and playing the guitar once in a while. Otherwise there is a cooperation between me and several others.

Songwriter - Where are you going to have your first concert?
Lene: I ought to do my first concert first...
Now I'm concentrating about finishing the record.

The single - Song 2 on the single is actually better than 'U. Sinner', have you written it yourself or?
Lene: Yes, I have written it myself.

Quality song - How does it feel to have made, according to my opinion for the moment, the most quality filled song written this year?
Lene: Thousand thanks for the nice words. What you are writing I can't really sign, but I'm very fond of that song, and it has achieved more than I ever could have thought.

??? - Hi and ho! I'm wondering who is playing the piano in your song. Is it yourself?
Lene: No, it is not me, it's Jørn Dahl, one of my two producers.

Primadonna? - Hi Lene! I'm just wondering whether you for the time being is walking around with diamond dresses, driving the limousine to the hamburger shop, drinking white wine to your porridge or is sitting in a 450 sq. meter big kitchen and drinking English tea with your servant named James? Or are you the sweet and beautiful girl from Northern Norway who still likes to be hanging out with friends, going on a movie, having a party, and otherwise being with others at your same age?
Lene: The latter. Absolutely the latter.

Moving plans? - You haven't considered moving south, to about Fauske?
Lene: No, I'm enjoying being in Tromsø.

Dahl/Stray - What can you tell the Norwegian people about personalities like Jørn Dahl and Bernt Rune Stray?
Lene: They are incredibly important, they were on Unforgivable Sinner, and I'm extremely grateful to them. Jørn Dahl, who is my producer, has taught me a whole lot. They are really good both of them.

Tromsø calling - What do you think about the new shopping centre - 'nerstranda'? How many times have you been there? Do you have a guy?
Lene: I've never been there.

Celebrity? - How does it feel to be admired by others at your own age? Are there more and more people who will recognize you now that you have become a star?
Lene: I haven't noticed any differences in my local environment. They look at me as the same person, and that I'm very happy for.

How...... - How on earth have you managed to create such a good song as Unforgivable Sinner?
Lene: I'm as I've stated very surprised about how well things have gone. It is the last I had expected. I just have to thank all who have bought the single and made me into a happy little girl.

Musician or shooting star? - Hi Lene ! :) Every year, every month, every week, and every day there are artists disappearing like shooting stars, we neither see or hear anything from them. Do you have a wish continuing with music over a longer period? Do you think the number of records and your popularity will make any difference? And I'm also wondering whether you have any concert plans in your hometown, Tromsø? Good luck ahead!
Lene: I will always be doing music, but there are nobody who knows how it will turn out. We'll see when my album is released. I will always be doing music, but there are other people who will decide whether I'll be staying....

Procedure to write the song? - When you were starting out working with 'Unforgivable Sinner', which side did you begin with first - the lyrics or the melody?
Lene: I don't remember, it's difficult to say. It's so varying. Sometimes I'll start with the lyrics, other times with the melody, and sometimes both parts.

How? - How did you manage to get where you are now?
Lene: By the help of some very able people around me.

Are you coming with more singles? - Hi... You are really able, and pretty...thihi When are you coming with a new single?
Lene: It's not certain about a single and such, but my record is coming in March next year.

Where are you going out? - Now that you are allowed - where do you go when you are going out on town in Tromsø?
Lene: There are not many places to go, there are two I believe. However, I don't have time to be going out.

Beard - What do you like the better, men with beard or without? It's not easy for us boys to know in these Thomas Gjertsen times!!
Lene: I like men without beard.

Fanclub - Are there any official fanclub?
Lene: No, there aren't any official fanclub, but I do know about an unofficial one.

Tour - I have such an urge hearing you live. Do you think you'll be having a concert in Skedsmo soon? Please..
Lene: No, any concerts I don't have time for now. And it is questionable whether anyone will come listening to me...

Song/movie - I think both your song and the movie it belongs to are wonderful. Which one think you are the better?
Lene: Song and movie are two different things, so this is impossible to answer.

Music - Which favourite group do you like better?
Lene: I don't have any special favourite group, but I'm listening to U2, Manic Street Preachers, Massive Attack, Heather Nova, Janet Jackson and Shawn Colvin.

Sins of the society or?? - Who are you actually writing about in your lyrics? Would just congratulate with the success and wish you good luck onwards!!
Lene: There are noone who knows what I'm writing about, who I'm writing about and why I'm writing it. Some of the lyrics one could guess, but otherwise it is my own little secret.

Well? - Are you well?
Lene: Yes, I'm very well.

How were you discovered? (as a song talent) Lene: It's a long story, but I will make it short.
After having recorded a demo at NRK Troms I sat on the bus, when I met an NRK journalist, he would like to tip the record company about me. Then he did that, and yes...
I'm very happy I took the bus that day.

Who, how? - Who wrote the song, and how did you come in contact with the person(s)?
Lene: Well, it was indeed myself, so it wasn't that hard to get in touch...

Teeth? - Is it important with a nice outer and white teeth to be happy in the music industry?
Lene: Music is the most important, at least it ought to be.

Tjallabaisn Lene!!! - Hi there, Lene! I was sitting here surfing the net, and then I saw you. Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations! How fun that you have done it so well. My little sister has been telling me about this Lene Marlin, and then I thought it could be you, and indeed it was. I do miss all of you up there in the cold north, at least now when Tromteater and Tindtroll-times are coming. Are going to participate on Tindtroll this year? I have made Ellen Charlotte (my kid sister) sending me that single of yours so I get to hear it. Does it come to the USA soon?
Lene: Unfortunately, I won't have time participating in the Tindtroll revue, I hope you're having a nice time in the USA.

Hi! - Which celebreties have you met?
Lene: Oy, it is a lot. There are many.

Hi Lene Marlin! - How do you come up with all the lyrics/songs?
Lene: Suddenly, I just get an idea, then I'm sitting down writing a song. It may be things I've experienced myself, or that my friends have experienced, or which I've read about. Daily stuff.

How do you feel? - I'm wondering about such a simple thing as how do you feel, now that you are VERY well-known here in Norway? PS: Your song is very good!!!
Lene: As I've said, I'm incredibly happy about how things have gone, and is very grateful for everyone who has bought the single. Much is new, but I'm feeling fine. Smiling and is happy.

When you were 10 years old - Hi Lene Marlin! You are one of the artists I like the best! What did you like when you were 10 years old? Did you play any instruments then?
Lene: I have no idea. I didn't play any instruments, I think, but I was singing. I've been singing since I was two years old.

A standard question - We are so in love with you, we feel we just have to ask...do you have a boyfriend?
Lene: This question I get all the time :-). I usually don't answer it.

To Lene Marlin - How do you like being famous?
Lene: Famous and famous. Will not say that I am, but things do have changed. I'm just having fun.

Is the success getting to your head? - Hi little, sweet Lene! First, I must say that I think you're very sweet and good at singing, and you are also a bit able picking on your guitar as well! Have some questions I'm hoping you will answer. Have you ever considered letting the success run to your head? Is your forename an artist name, that you have chosen following the success of Aqua-Lene? Are you fond of grapes, and if so: How many do you eat per day? Yes, that was it...good luck onwards. You are going to be HUGE, Lene. Think...next year you are a whole year greater!
Lene: There's no point in taking off, I've just released one single.
And no, my name is Lene.

What about the school work? - You are very young, and isn't finished with school yet. It gets to be a lot of traveling when you're going to make a record and acting in videos for your songs. How will things be with the school work do you have enough time for it, or do you wish you had more time?
Lene: I do wish I had better time, but it's going well combining music and school.

Schpaaa! - Hi, I think you are really great at singing!!!!! Here is one (or 2) questions for you: Have you seen Schpaaa at the movies???? (if you have done that) What do you think about the movie???? I've seen it, and I think it's really good!!! That is also your song!!!!!!
Lene: I have seen it, and I think it was very good. And I'm proud of being able contributing to it.

For Lene - When did you start playing the guitar?
Lene: I started playing the guitar and writing songs when I was 15 years old.

Humanities versus music studies! - Why did you go to a 'grey' and boring music line, when we other SERIOUS musicians in Tromsø were happy with the MUSIC-LINE?
Lene: I have never studied at the music line.

Dancing! - Do you like dancing on disco?
Lene: Now I'm not that good at dancing, I have to admit, so now...But I should really like to do it!

Thanks for many nice and fun questions, and it was very cozy getting to be a part of this.

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