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(VG 19.11.2003; Out of a total of 1757 submitted questions)

1. Braces
Hi. Is it because of the braces that you've been away for 3 years?
Lene: He he...that's what I was thinking, but no...

2. Hi Lene
Are you happy about the new album then? I thought it was brilliant. I have all the CDs you've released.
Lene: I'm very happy! Thousand, thousand thanks!

3. Why so serious?
Now that I finally have the chance to ask you whatever I want (almost), then it's probably stupid what I'm wondering about: Why are you so serious in your music videos? I'm refering to You Weren't There. Otherwise, you're one of Norway's best artists, incredibly suited for export. Not that I see you as kind of a merchandise...he-he...ough, this was kind of silly!
Lene: I don't feel like smiling when singing that song. I'm thinking about the lyrics...

4. Inspiration
Hi Lene. I think you're making great music, and I wonder where you're getting the inspiration for your music from. I know it's a bit of a cliche asking about this, but...
Lene: Thanks! I get very inspired by the surroundings. I write about things I see, hear, read about etc....and about myself.

5. Is it coming more?
Hi! I love your music, and I have waited long for this last record. It's great, but I'm wondering if you're going to release more albums? Good luck!
Lene: I do hope that. Perhaps in four years...

6. Favourite song
Hi! Which song is your favourite on your new album, and which song is your favourite on the previous album?
Lene: The favourite on the new album varies all the time. Today perhaps 'Faces'...the favourite on the previous one is 'Playing My Game'.

7. Saw you at Oslo City!
You were great, even though it lasted very short. Are you overwhelmed by the response, even though the album reviews haven't been as good as last time? Have you found an Italian boyfriend? Or is that just rumours?
Lene: He he...rumours are really funny. Thousand thanks! The reviews of the last album were generally not so good, with a few exceptions, so in this way I didn't pay much attention to it. Independently of reviews I am INCREDIBLY happy about the response from the audience.

8. We wait for one your visit in Italy
Hello Lene, I have tried many times to write to you, but I have not never received answers :-( Your new album ANOTHER DAY is fantastic... The song better second me is MY LOVE. You have in program to come also in Italy in order to promote yours album? I make my sincerest ones you compliments and you salute. Hello and soon! Andrea Siviero Member of Your Fan-Club 'Lene.it'.
Lene: Thank you so much!!! I know that I am coming back to Italy, but I am not sure when. Thank you so much for your support!!!

9. Lovely album!
Hi! I love your new album! It's really great! How long did you spend on it? You are insanely cool! Good luck! Big hugs from Christine, who is a greeeeat fan.
Lene: Thousand, thousand thanks! Started the recording at the end of October last year. Traveled back and forth between Oslo and London, and got finished in June/July, if I remember correctly.

10. You ungrateful brat!
Jeezeez. CAN'T you make ANYTHING other than sentimental crying songs? Your new song is terrible! I'm so sick of your whining and complaining! Curse the moron who pulled you into the media limelight again, and even more the person who gave you a record deal! A Dutch concert is better listening to than your tired music! Is it not possible for you to make a happy song? With your payment you ought to have something to smile about, you ungrateful brat. Media shy, my ass!
Lene: Thanks a lot! I admire people who's spending time and energy irritating himself over such matters. I'm suspecting you are not very happy, no matter whether you're listening to music or not. To get your moods up, I'd recommend listening to 'The Darkness'. Then I'm smiling, at least.

11. Hey, you're back!
What do you feel about being back...?
Lene: Just wonderful!!!

12. Eye colour
What colour are your eyes? Brown green?
Lene: I think so, yes...

13. Sad?
Hi there, I think you're making cool music, but you seem kind of sad, is this what you are?
Lene: Me, I'm very happy, at least today.

14. About soccer
Hi Lene! Are you going to watch Norway - Spain this evening? Could you foresee the result? You have made a fantastic song in You Weren't There, it's beautiful, and you are too. Have a nice day!
Lene: I'm definitely going to. I hope Norway wins, but I don't dare guessing the result. A thousand thanks for the praise!!!

15. Hi Lene Marlin!!!
I didn't want to state anything in particular, just that I think it's nice that you're back! Norway needs you and your music! Your lyrics make me both sad in a way, but happy! Thousand thanks!
Lene: A thousand thanks to you!

16. Stavanger 99
Hello Lene! I just have to say you're damn good kisser, I noticed that on the national meeting in Stavanger 99. Agree?
Lene: I wouldn't say that exactly. I was never in Stavanger in 99.

17. Pierre just won't give up
Wish you all the luck with the new single and the new album. Hope you'll find the man of your dreams (me) and lives happily with him (me) the rest of your life. And that the pop career gets a new era. Good luck my love.
Lene: (empty)

18. Do you know what a Marlin really is?
Hi there, Lene! You've got a cool last name with a good schwung, also as an effective artist name. Do you ever think about what your last name means, for instance when you're in foreign countries? Is there anyone wanting to play on the meaning? Do you know for instance Blue Marlin? You could call your next album that if you have many smaller sentimental songs on it. PS! I love you and your music!
Lene: He he...thanks, thanks. Marlin is a fish, the name of a hotel, a traveling agancy, and a boat I've observed.

19. What Norwegian bands do you like?
Lene: I'm currently listening to Magnet.

20. Bar performance
Hallo! Why did you decide to enter the stage in that bar just a few months ago? Did it just happen, or was it an agreement?
Lene: It just happened. I got this incredible urge, and then it was just to enter the stage.

21. Wennerberg?
Hi Lene. Do you know Karl Oluf Wennerberg?
Lene: Yes, I do indeed.

22. Future!
Hi Lene! Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Are you going to continue releasing CDs? I hope you're going to do that, because your music is just outstanding!
Lene: Thousand thanks! In ten years I hope I'd be able to look back and be very satisfied. I'm probably still writing songs.

A thousand thanks from me! I wish I could answer more questions, but it took an eternity with the PC I'm sitting in front of. In any case, thanks a lot to you all!!!

Regards, Lene.

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