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Chat with Lene Marlin. From The Raft (Virgin)

Hi! It's 5.30, and Lene's on her way. Stay tuned...

Aur lien Lamoure: Hello Lene ! :) It's so refreshing to see a new real singer on pop scene ! You're so talented and I wanted to know "where you find your inspiration ?" It is amazing to see how sensitive' and good are your lyrics, especially compared to current teenage idols... And that's great to see how successful you are cause you really deserve it ! :)
Lene: I find my inspiration from my own experiences, my friends, things that I see, different stories that people tell me and so on.

karl: what's most surprised you about the life of a pop star?
Lene: It's very busy, it's alot of work. t's not as glamorous as people think.

Davinia Bovenlander: When you write your songs,do you them in Norwegian first and translate after or do you write them straight in English?
Lene: I write them straight in English.

Hans Christian Eide: Hi Lene. Perhaps I ought to write this in English, so the people who run this thing understand what I'm asking you about. OK. Unforgivable Sinner is not representative for your album, how does it affect you that it went so popular, espesially in Norway? How does it affect your songwriting from now on? Sorry about typing errors. Pass my regards to Erland Dahlen the next time you see him. He was my drummer teacher in High School. Have an enjoyable time. Hans Christian.
Lene: The people around me was probably somewhat confused when this came. They don't understand Norwegian, poor people. Nonetheless. Everything that's happened is a big surprise, I have some difficulties comprehending all of it. However, I'm of course insanely happy about everything's that happened. Who is Erland Dahlen, by the way? I don't think I've ever heard of him... In any case: Have an enjoyable time yourself, and thank you for the question. Sorry, but there are some letters missing on this keyboard. Hugs from Lene.

Mark Elsdon: When people think of Scandinavian artists, they think of AHA, The Cardigans, Aqua, ABBA too name but a few. I wondered if anyone from the afforementioned bands have given you any advise; and where can you see Lene Marlin in say a years time in regards to the music industry?
Lene: I have no idea where I'll be tomorrow! I try not to look so far ahead in the future, I just look at one day at the time. Live for the moment.

Owen: Hi Lene - I just wanted to ask, what do your family think of all this sudden pop fame?
Lene: They are really happy for me, they are really supportive but they find it kind of weird seeing my face on television and in newspapers.

Robert: Is it your handwriting in the booklet of "playing my game"? It's very smart.
Lene: Yes it is. And thank you very much for that. But honestly it took me some hours to try and not make any mistakes.

Ben: How many Velentines Cards did you send this year?! And how many will you get?!
Lene: It's not even Valentine's Day yet!!

SPH: Do you still have a pet? What's it called?
Lene: I had a pet some years ago, but unfortunately it died...it was a hamster - his name was Tim.

Remy ( french male name ): Dear Lene, How would you react if someone about whom you made a song in secret would find out that you are talking about him ?
Lene: They will definately never find out, I can say that for sure.

izzy: what do you most miss about home when you're travelling?
Lene: Having the opportunity to go to bed whenever I want to and wake up when I want to. And I miss my family and friends of course.

karstein thunes: Hey Lene - I am one of your VERY first and most truly fan... WHEN will you release a brand new single in Norway? We are longing for new material from you now, so I hope you have not forgotten your roots when your travelling all around the world... Lots of good luck and love from Kassa
Lene: Hi, I would rather type in Norwegian, but there are not that many who understands that. So I have to answer in English: I don't really know when my next album will be released in Norway but I have already written the songs for it. I really look forward to recording them but this will take some time, I'm sorry. Anyway I would like to thank you for your support and for being such a true fan. Hugs from Lene.

Stephanie: What's your favourite food? And do you miss home-cooking when you're travelling?
Lene: My favourite food is chicken and burgers but I do miss good homecooking food when I am travelling.

George: Hi Lene!!! Do you think webchats are a good idea? I do except I wish I could see you as well!!!
Lene: Yes of course because I get the opportunity to talk with my fans and thank them for their support. So thank you!

Melissa Ng: Do you remember signing your first autograph?
Lene: Yes I do and I thought it was really weird, I didnt understand why someone wanted my autograph.

Babe O Licious: Do you go clubbing?
Lene: I enjoy going out with my friends but I hardly have time because of all the travelling.
Andy: out of all your songs, which one is the most personal?
Lene: That's a secret! :-)

joanna: do you think you will always live in Norway?
Lene: I have no idea but I really really love living there, right now I can't imagine living anywhere else.

christina: Since I write songs myself, I d like to know how long time you spend on a song.... (Your songs are really amazing)
Lene: Thanks Christina. Every song is different, some songs come really quickly some of them not so quickly.

mark wilson: do you like making pop videos?
Lene: I've made 4 videos already. I must say that I do really enjoy it, the people I work with are really professional and I have had a great time making the videos.

Dolores: When you go out on the street,do people reconigse you? Or do you wear sunglasses so they do see that it's you?
Lene: I never wear sunglasses if its not sunny outside, it is important to protect my eyes! If I get recognized, well that depends on where I am.

Anders: I have got a huge collection of you records, presses from all over the world incl the album pressed in Taiwan! On the Japan release of Unf. Sinner is a trck called "I Know". Is this song only released in Japan?
Lene: Yes it is. Well done for getting hold of that.:-)

christina: Do you have any fears?
Lene: I was afraid of heights until I had to sit on top of the tallest building in Norway while making a video and now I'm cured! But I am afraid of darkness, big angry dogs and other weird scary creatures.

charlie: what's the main difference between being a popstar in norway and being a popstar in britain? i love you by the way!!!!
Lene: Well, am I really a popstar in Britain, I havent even been released here yet:-) But thank you so much anyway.

Sara: Are lyrics or music more important in your songs?
Lene: They are both equally important.

Alex: Are you gonna sing only in english ?
Lene: Yes, I think so. I don't really see myself making a Norwegian album.

rjan: Do you have any sisters or brothers?
Lene: Yes, I have a big brother 5 years older than me.

tony: everybody goes on about the frozen north and dark northern nights - but you have midnight sun as well - how is that???
Lene: Yes, we have the midnight sun but it's a nightmare as it's light all the time and it's difficult to sleep.

Siv: Are you going to do your first concert here in Troms? *Hope, hope*.
Lene: I do really hope that. Sorry, but it's a bit difficult answering in Norwegian, because some letters are missing. Anyway, if I get my way, my first concert will be in Tromsų. :-) Lene

jonny: i like chicken and burgers too! but what kind of norwegian homecooked food do you like? do you geitost? and Gravlax? and r kelaks?
Lene: No, no, no. I'm so sick of fish after having been raised in Tromsų. Besides that, I'm eating a lot of different things. :-) Lene

Andy: Is there an official Lene Marlin fanclub that I can join?
Lene: No there isn't but there are many unofficial fanclubs, like www.lenemarlin.org
millie johnson: Do you like flying ? (I don't!)
Lene: It's okay, I have to, but I don't like all the waiting at airports.

Gunnar: Do you sometimes wish, someone you made a song about would find out, that you were talking about him?
Lene: Maybe, but unfortunately they will never find out because I don't make it very obvious.
ruby tuesday: i've heard you're a star in japan... have you been there yet? what did you think of it?
Lene: Yes, I was there last April for almost two weeks and I had a great time.

Katja: Hi Lene! I know you like computer games a lot. What's your favorite game at the name and what is is about?
Lene: I really like playstation, my favourite game is Tekken 3 and Driver. Tekken 3 involves alot of fighting while Driver involves more driving. That's the best and easiest way to explain it.
Katja: I heard you're always writing songs, even when traveling. Do you have a favourite new song right now that you cannot wait to record?
Lene: I can't wait to start recording the next album. I really really am looking forward to that.

Johan: Hi Lene! Can you explain your feelings for the swedish national ice cream Piggelin? =)
Lene: I just love that icecream, I always have alot of those when I'm in Sweden. I have eaten them since I was a child:-)

Beabo: If you could change anything about your appearance, what would it be?
Lene: Many many many things, doesnt every girl want to change something.

Kevin: How must we pronunce your first name ?
Lene: Leynah...or something.

mickey: how important is it that you're in control of your image and your career? you seem really sorted and focussed ... but are you ever asked to do things you don't want to do???
Lene: It is really important for me to have control of my career. I don't want anyone to force me to be someone I am not. Of course I am asked to do many different things I don't really want to and then I just say no. But hopefully those people respect my decision.

Claire Skiba: What films have you seen recently - and what did you like most?
Lene: I havent been to the movies for ages but hopefully I get the time when I get a holiday.
Perrout: Where are you at the moment? At home or on tour?
Lene: I am sitting in the Virgin offices in London. So yes, I am on tour.

Daniele: Hi Lene. Have you got the car license?
Lene: No, unfortunately not but I really want to get it.

arne: are we having argentinian beef steak for dinner tonight and maybe a beer for me please?
Lene: This is actually my manager asking me this question :-) Well we can have a beer but remember, we have an early start tomorrow!

Sam: Do you play other instrument than guitar ?
Lene: I play some piano, but I dont know any chords so it's kind of difficult, but I wish to learn it properly some day.

dave: Has being famous changed your lifestyle
Lene: Yeah, absolutely. For example, I have never been this busy ever in my life.

yasser: Do you still live with your parents? Is that OK?
Lene: I don't live with my parents anymore, not even in the same city as them.

Alessandro: Do you know that Where I'm Headed is now #1 single in Italy!!
Lene: YES I do and Thank You so much Italy.

Forrst '81: will you do another connection with us in the future?
Lene: Yes, hopefully I will, I really want to - this is my last answer as I have to go off on another appointment. Thank you very much for all your questions. I have had a great time. Tusen, tusen takk.That's Norwegian for Thank you. :-) Lene

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