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Interview with fans in VG (From Artistsnorway)

Q. How does it feel winning so many prizes and how do you feel your career has been so far?
A. Hello everyone! I am now ready to answer your questions and try to do the best I can. I had never imagined that I would win so many prizes. My career has been very different from what I expected it to be. I thought that maybe I would sell somewhere between 10,000 and 20,000 cd's, now it has sold like 1 million. It is actually quite unbelievable, and I have a hard time realizing it is really happening.

Q. Hi Lene, we wish you all the best tonight during the award ceremony. We as usual are sitting here ready to update www.lenemarlin.org with even more good news, in addition to the over one hundred articles we have posted over the past year. We are prepared to follow you further as you go down the road and we hope that you are your supporting people want us to. To everyone else, the answers you don't find here you can probably find at www.lenemarlin.org...

A. Thank you very much. I will show up tonight without great expectations for the evening, like I usually do. I do admit that I am feeling some pressure about tonight. In either case, I prefer to be surprised over disappointed. We will just have to see how it goes. I do want to say thanks for all the support I have received, it really does mean alot...

Q. Are you planning to devote your career to music or are you thinking about working on other careers at the same time, and if so, which ones? I hope in any case that you release at least one more album, and that it is as good as this current one, before you change your career.

A. Of course I am hoping to continue on as a music artist. I have written all the songs for the next album, and am looking forward to beginning the recording process. How the new album is accepted, no one knows. I feel I have already accomplished more then one should ever be able to dream about. What I know for sure is I need a long holiday after this. The past year has been wonderful but draining.

Q. Over here (Scotland) we listen to your songs all the time, they are very well done. My question is: how does it feel?

A. When I first was given a recording contract I believed Norway was the only place my songs would be played. I never thought about other countries. Then the record company said several countries were interested, and now the songs are being played a bit here and there. This is all very cool, and at the same time strange.

Q. After you had sold a few albums and moved to Oslo, what are your feelings towards Tromso? Do you still have childhood friends there? If you still keep close ties to Tromso, when are you traveling back there? When you are home what things do you like to do? Do you go out to town and party a bit with friends, or do you say home with someone? Do you know a Svein Jarle Svensen? HAHAHAHA I am part of his unit in the military.

A. I am glad to be able to say that I still have the same friends. Tromso is a great town and I travel there as often as I can. My friends and my family do live there. When I am home I just relax and do exactly what I want to do. And yes, I do know Svein Jarle....

Q. When is your next cd coming?

A. That is a bit tough to say. I have the songs, but one can't just jump into the studio and begin recording. It is something that I am really looking forward to doing. If everything goes like I hope, I believe the album would come out towards the end of next year.

Q. Have you changed alot now that you are known around the world? If so, how? By the way, should we play guitar together someday? *walk afraid*

A. My life has obviously changed. Alot. I would also think that I have changed in many ways. When life around you changes, you find yourself changing in some ways along with it. If you understand. I have in the least learned many things, and experienced alot. Everything has not been easy, but it has all gone well. About us playing guitar together? I probably need to learn to play a bit better first. Am in some ways still at that beginners stage. I don't even know notes....

Q. You who have all of a sudden become a celebrity and met many people, are you able to take care of the friends you had before all of this happened? Or do you find yourself slowly losing contact with them? We were also wondering if you are still together with Stian?

A. I try my best to keep in touch. This is very important to me. I don't get to see them as often any more, so having a phone is wonderful. It is not much fun talking with them on the phone late on Saturday night, just before they head out to town. Cause there I sit, in one or the other boring hotel room, knowing I need to get to bed early since I am leaving the next morning. Then you feel lonely...

Q. Don't you become very tired of all the traveling, meetings with music branch people etc.? Don't you sometimes wish you could just go home and spend time with friends and family?

A. Yes, of course, I get very tired. I dislike hotel rooms and airports. It is also not fun being somewhere just for one day. The only thing you see is the airport, TV-studio, and hotel.

Q. Hi Lene. I was wondering what it feels like being an up and coming star? Is it just stress and travel, without time for much of a normal and private life?

A. It does get a bit much sometimes. Things have gone so well, but sooner or later things will turn bad. I am you know forever a pessimist. There is much to do, but I try to live as much of a normal life as I can.

Q. Are you together with Stian B Simonsen? Or was that just a little romance?

A. Uhm...well. I usually never answer boyfriend questions... He is very cute (sweet)... To be continued

Q. Hi Lene, congratulations with all the success you have had. Just wanted to know if you have heard of the norwegian band, Madrugada?? What do you think?

A. Madrugada and I have the same record company, so yes, I have heard of them. I like their music alot, they are very talented and very nice....

Q. Hi. My brother has a crush on you and is going to the Spellemann's party. Will you be there?

A. Yes, I most likely will. I will be in the area...

Q. Hello Lene, I was just wondering if you ever get bitter at those who discovered you, because they discovered you, since you can't walk down the street anymore without being recognized. Seems kind of tiring...

A. Uh...can't quite answer that question, someone from the record company is sitting next to me. No, I really am not. But yes, it can be tiring. It took some time for me to adjust to the new life. Am still not quite used to it. In the beginning I didn't want to go out where people were after a bad day for example, cause I felt I had to be happy all the time. Luckily it did not take me long to realize that people just need to accept me for who I am. Bad day or not...

Q. Do you believe in finding "true" love?

A. Have believed in it before, and still do. Maybe that is dumb, but.... How about you?

Q. I will be so happy if you answer this question, cause then I will know that you read it. First I want you to know that I believe you have one of the most fantastic voices I have ever heard. You are also an incredible writer of music and songs, and I want you to know that you are the one person in the world I look up to the most. Do you remember the poem that won the poem competition at lenemarlin.org? The one that was written by a girl...that was me. If I did not care about you I would not have written it. I wish you all the best life has to offer you as you continue with your music, and hope that you win a Spellemann award!! (Have of course voted for you, and support you any way I can). I just had one question...IF you win an award tonight... can you send a greeting to me, or take my name in some other way, in your speech? This would mean to much to me. It was just a question, but I would be extremely thankful. Can you send me an email if you have time? PLEASE!!!

A. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! That was really kind...

Q. Hi, I know you are probably sick of this question but...are you together with Stian? What happened to him then? Well, well.....when you write music (as I do) where do you get your ideas? Are you like me and write out of your feelings? Just want to say that your album is awesome. Keep it up!!

A. Thank you!! I gather inspiration from myself and my experiences, my friends, things that happen around me etc. Boyfriend? See answer above.

Q. Hi Lene, during hitawards I had the opportunity to hand you a rose. The next day the picture showed up in VG, I was so proud. I have been trying to reach you, and now have been given the opportunity. Do you remember me? I like your music very much and wish you the best in everything that you do.

A. I remember your rose very well. Thank you so much...

Q. Hi Lene. During the nationwide graduation celebration last year, over the weekend of May 1, were you in Kongeparken in Rogaland? Some friends say they were there with you, but I think they are just talking!! How are things going with the Hotell Caesar guy? Greetings from a big fan in Stavanger.

A. No, I was not there. I was in Tromso during all the celebrations.

Q. Hello Miss Marlin! I was just wondering if you can take back everything that you have given out and sold, and tell people to stop playing your music on the radio. You have no talent, if I hear one more note from you I will go absolutely crazy. Be so kind as to pull yourself away from the limelight so that I can keep any sanity I have remaining. Thank you in advance.

A. Maybe you want to try to plug your ears then. Turn off your radio, turn off the TV, do something else. Why torture yourself, and use energy to irritate yourself. I don't expect everyone to like me or my music, it's that simple.

Q. I was wondering if you were planning to release any more albums. Good luck at the show tonight.

A. Yes I have. Thank you very much!!!

A. That was the last question for tonight. Thank you for all your questions, this was alot of fun. Hugs from Lene.

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