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Lene's diary

(from lenemarlin.com)


Tuesday September 14.
Still in coma after the Hit Award show in Oslo. Dragged myself out of bed and got ready for another week of promo: TV- shows in Paris and Helsinki, radio and interviews. Unfortunately there are huge delays at the Gardermoen airport and we have to check in at an airport hotel for the night...not ideal!

Wednesday September 15.
Another really early start to catch the first plane to Paris. Luckily they haven't invented the 5 AM flight yet. Paris is a beautiful city but we're running late and have to go straight to the TV-studio. Today's show is Hit-Machine where I perform "Where I'm Headed". The audience seams to like it a lot and I'm called back in for an encore--lovely! M6 TV want an interview and after that it's dinner and an early night for me

Thursday September 16.
Day off in Paris - yippee!!! So I treat myself to a nice lunch and a long drive around the city. Right now I'm on a plane to Helsinki in Finland, looking forward to visiting there for the very first time.

Friday October 29.
Friday & Saturday last week we visited another beautiful city, this time in Scandinavia, Copenhagen - where i did a Tv performance of my two singles "Unforgivable Sinner" and "Sitting Down here". We also had a great dinner at a fabulous Italian restaurant - where i ate some of my favorite food: pizza ! - more news tomorrow - take care - Lene

Monday November 1.
Today i have had the day off. Tonight i am gonna travel to Amsterdam for 1 day of promotion and i'm very exicted about it cos it'll be my first trip to Holland and I've have heard so many great things about this city.

Tuesday November 2.
Vienna says hello... Today i have had a hectic day in Vienna in Austria. The schedule i was given early this morning had 11 interviews and 1 photosession on it, for me to do...but things changes fast in this business, by the afternoon i had done 12 interviews and one photosession. Well done me !I have been told Vienna is a great city, but it's been difficult to see anything since we move around in a car from interview to interview covering magazine, newspapers and radios, among these Vienna's biggest radio station, where my single "Sitting Down Here" is no. 1 !!! Yeah ! Speak soon! Lene


Sunday January 23.
Got up really early, around 06.00 - feeling pretty tired. Got on the plane to Madrid, flying via Copenhagen. We expected Spain to be "kind" and serve us some sun & warm weather, but it was freezing cold. We did a big tv show, performing "Sitting Down Here". I can promise you that doing tv performances involves more hanging around for somethign to happen than anything else. finally got to bed 3 minutes past midnight.

Monday January 24.
Up early again, this time heading for Sweden and Stockholm... We went there to attend the Radio NRJ Award show. I did a performance of "Where I'm Headed" - the third single from my album, *AND* i was nominated for "Best International Newcomer", and won !!! That was really fun:it felt especially great to achieve this award from Swedish listeners of NRJ, as Norway and Sweden are always competing !!! Having a day off tomorrow. Hopefully time for some shopping.

Thursady January 27.
SWent to Brussels from Stockholm via Copenhagen. In Copenhagen, our flight was first delayed for an hour, and then cancelled. Oooh, don't we love airports !!! Then suddenly they managed to get on on a Sabena airline, and we had to run to the other end of the airport, beacuse the flight had to leave in 10. minutes...that was our exercise for the day. Arghh !!! Did a tv show when we finally came to Brussels. Ate some fab burgers from Mc Donalds ("Mother M") and headed straight to bed around midnight...zzz.

Friday January 28.
Had a lay-in this morning--didn't have to get up until 8am when we headed for straight for Oslo and my appartment where i curled up to enjoy 2 days off before we head for Amsterdam on Sunday morning to perform "Sitting Down Here" at Holland's national lottery show. Amsterdam is a cool city, cosy and beautiful - with lovely flowers and places to hang out. Take care and have a great weekend. I am spending mine with a friend - eating & talking and chilling out.

Saturday January 29.
now just a week before we head off to: London/UK --you'll be able to chat with me online from there on feb 10...watch out for details!

Thursday February 10.
Today started at 9.45, which is okay, and not too early... left for my UK record company HQ to do interview with regional press from all over UK. Talked to press from Aberdeen to Birmingham, and all of the journalists were extremely nice and very funny. I really enjoyed talking to all of them. The day ended with doing a webchat for the Raft website (the-raft.com). I was really fun receiving questions from over the world, and i got some great questions as well, also from my hometowm Tromso, where i answered in Norwegian... tomorrow - extremely early start...to do Lorraine Live for GMTV (early morning UK TV show)-which means getting up at 5.30am...so please excuse me...zzz....

Weekend of 12th & 13th Febuary
Still in the UK! Got up quite early Saturday morning to be live on the TV show: CDUK. After make up at the hotel we went straight to the studio, where i performed "Sitting Down Here" in front of a very happy & inspiring bunch in the studio... really enjoyable! Did a few interviews after that, among this one with Smash Hits, one of the UK's biggest pop mags !!! That was really funny ! Went mad with shopping in the afternoon and had a delicious meal at Kettners Restaurant in London's west end - garlic bread and a cheeseburger (you know the kind of thing i love) and an amazing dessert: vanilla icecream with lots of fruit salad. Sunday we rehearsed with my band in London before we headed off for a four hours long drive north to Leeds.

Monday February 14.
It's Valentines day and i celebrated with an acoustic set with my band @ a Valentines Day bash with Radio Pulse in Bradford. Feels good to play with the band and i really loved it. Drove to Birmingham in the afternoon and went to Stoke where we again performed for an audience of competition winners from a local radio station. Totally knackered after the long day ...so i went straight to bed.

Tuesday February 15.
Good start--got to sleep in until 10.30 this morning - lovely. Drove 2 1/2 hours to Cardiff where we stayed at a beautiful hotel by the sea. It was great to feel the seabreeze again and get some fresh air. Had some lovely food in the evening again, and since we were by the sea i ate some fish, grilled salmon fillet and lots of rice. Saw the movie: EDTV on tv, before i went to bed at midnight. Tomorrow we are flying to Glasgow to do another performance of the acuoustic set for radio people and competition winners.

Wednesday February 16.
Got up at 10 - and set off for the airport to fly to Glasgow. Had to wait for more than an hour due to heavy snowing in Scotland... Finally got to Glasgow at 16.00 - went straight to the hotel and grabbed some food. In the evening we did the last acoustic performance of the tour in cooperation with a local radio station and it went really well. i even did an encore. Straight back to the hotel, some socializing with the people i travel with and then straight to bed. Having a day off tomorrow. Yippee !!!

Monday February 21.
France yesterday, Italy today ! We drove just over the border today to San Remo. I am playing the renowned San Remo Festival later today (Bono, Sting, Aqua and Oasis are also playing not to mention a galaxy of Italian stars!!). I have been really busy doing interviews for press today. I was doing an interview for an Italian radio show when I heard this racket outside - I looked out of the window and there more than a 1000 Italians looking up going crazy ! It was absolutely mad ! My hand is starting to ache after signing my signature over and over and ... The festival was fantastic I performed 'Sitting Down Here' and had a wonderful time.

Tuesday February 22.
The view from the balcony at the hotel overlooking San Remo is incredible. It is so beautiful here. The weather is stunning , the sky is totally blue and the sun is shining !!! (In February!) I arrived in London by mid-day and went straight to another hotel to make up and downed a Red Bull to keep my energy levels high. I am still scoffing junk food and had the best cheeseburger ever on the way to the studio. I performed the single again for the Pepsi Chart Show. My band were absolutely fantastic. Afterwards I did some more interviews including one with Smash Hits. Another long day hot chocolate and bed !

Wednesday February 24.
I am going back to Oslo today as the Norwegian Grammys are on Friday - I am up for 5 awards !! Fingers crossed then !

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