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1 - Who is Lene Marlin ?
Lene Marlin is a girl who was born in Tromsų, Norway, on 17th August 1980.

2. What is her occupation ?
Lene Marlin is a singer and songwriter. She has released two albums and one DVD. She has also written two songs for the norwegian singer Sissel Kyrkjebų, and participated in the making of "Venn", a song written to collect funds to be assigned to the Norwegian Red Cross' activities in South-East Asian regions struck by the tsunami.

3. When did she start playing ?
She got her first guitar, a Takamine, at the age of 15 as a Christmas present, which she still plays.

4. When and how did she write her very first works ?
That would happen in her room at home, during the long and dark northern winters: she used to record them on cassettes to be refined later.

5. Which is her main inspiration source ?
Lene does not reveal to anybody the inspiration that lies beneath her lyrics. We know that generally she feels more inspired when she is sad rather than happy.

6. How did she become famous ?
It happened quite by chance. Some friends of her noticed her talent and informed a journalist form NRK (an important norwegian radio/tv company). Lene at first recorded a couple of songs as a promo in the NRK recording studio, and then found herself on a bus back home right with that journalist, who asked her whether she would agree about letting the masters of Virgin Norway listen to her songs. So Lene recorded a long section of promos, singing 15 songs written all by herself in two hours and a half, and after that she signed her first contract.

7. Which are her most popular songs ?
Among them are the three singles form her first album, "Unforgivable Sinner", "Sitting Down Here" and "Where I'm Headed". The first single in particular, released in Norway in 1998, had a success like never had happened before in that country, staying for 8 weeks at #1 in the charts and setting the record of the most selling single ever in Norway. The singles from the second album are "You Weren't There", "Another Day" and Sorry.

8. Has she been on tour ?
Yes. She went on her first tour, across Norway, in December 2004.

9. How many records has she sold ?
Her debut album "Playing My Game" sold 1.8 million, counting Europe and Asia.
Her following album has sold about 500 thousand copies, counting Europe and Asia.

10. Has she won any prizes ?
She has won many, from the Spellemannprisen 1999 (best song Unforgivable Sinner), then the four HitAwards in Sept. 1999 (best international female artist, best norwegian female artist, best newcomer and song of the year). On 11th Oct. 1999 she won the Best Nordic Act at the MTV European Music Awards in Dubiln. In Feb. 2000 she won again 4 Spellemannprisen (best artist, best newcomer, best pop, song of the year).

11. When will the new album be released ? Will there be concerts ?
Check our news section.

12. Where does Lene live right now ?
She lives in Oslo, in an apartment she has bought in order to be closer to her record company main offices, to the television networks and the newspapers.

13. How is Lene like ?
She is 1.60 meters tall, has got blonde hair and green eyes. She has proved to be smart - she wanted to finish the school despite her record contract, and she did, with so good results that she even received an award (Karolineprisen) for reconciling study and an artistic carreer. She is resolute, but also shy.