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Archive from 22-10-05 to 19-08-15

Editorial of 19 August 2015
15 years with Lene.it

And the world goes 'round, following its own orbit around the Sun, coming back every year to the same point, on the same day, just one year older. And so has been doing our little world, which goes 'round our Star, the Northern one, for 15 years today. If it's true that you don't measure a journey by its duration, its lenght, the starting point or the destination, but by what's happened in between, well in between there has been so much, almost everything: people, passion, any kind of experiences and emotions, friendship, meetings, love, journeys, but - that's life - sometimes even disagreements, disappointments, goodbyes and delusions.
Lene.it has been for 15 years a microcosm of genuine people who kept alive something beautiful, born for the love of the music of a young girl who softly filled our hearts with what they needed. These years have passed for all of us, even too fast. Lene is not that young girl anymore and, for better or worse, neither are we, dealing with our adult lifes that naturally replaced the ones we had as mainly students and dreamers; that may have taken our time, but not our passion. And so this place, once a crowded downtown condominium, may now resemble an abandoned farmhouse, always ready to welcome whoever wants to get back to the good old times and to all the memories, blowing away some dust here and there. That's how it goes in this hectic and lively internet world more and more devoured by social networks. Whatever lies ahead, nothing can ever wipe out the beauty of a journey we would not change anything of. Thoughts and memories crowd into our mind and they're so many that it's hard to focus on one before another one takes its place. For many of us that is a collection of faces and names which are more than just a list of members. They mean something wonderful, great, and unique that we will never forget. All this was possible thanks to Lene of course, but also thanks to all of Us who for a short or long period of time have been the beating heart of this fanclub.

Happy birthday Lene.it

Editorial of 21 March 2009
Dear Lene, we think we are going to watch your wonderful gift hundreds of times. As all the times we listened to your songs, if it could be possible!
Now, our "mission" is clear: try to find out every hidden frame, every single place, event, moment of your musical career and the places and images where your career crossed our lives, our faces you learnt to recognize and you can rely on, now. Because we slowly slipped into that career and now we are part of it. You can be sure about that: we will continue walking along with you, as long as you want to, like passengers on that train which runs fast through the years of this confuse music age, where you are the light and your friendly smile and unique voice hit straight our hearts.
We will watch it hundreds of times and we will never get tired of it, because "Here we are" video is a bit ours. It really is, but most of all it belongs to us because that "We" includes you and your very nice friends, as well as all of us, your devoted fans.
Thanks for being there, Lene!!

Editorial of 19 August 2008

So, 8!
Eight is a special number: you can turn it, twist it, it's always a double circle, like two identities in the same embrace: almost like Lene and her italian fans, bond to each other since eight years now!
Eight is a way that naturally goes from one to the other and closes only when it gets back: there's no Lene without her fans, there are no fans without Lene!
However, eight must not stay alone: it must be together with the other numbers and express itself together with them, knowing there is a firm tie that will never break, no matter what may happen. Even among a thousand faces, Lene can always recognize her fans and count on them, and they will always count on Lene's smile among a thousand lights!
That's what friendship and love are all about: an embrace, a completeness, a strong presence especially when it's needed the most.
Every good wish to all the fans: may we all stay always united and keep this beautiful adventure going.

Editorial of 27 December 2007

This exact day, ten years ago, in the very far north of the world, where it's very cold, a new star rose in the norwegian music heavens.
This tiny star appeared almost silently at the end of the Nineties, and she was meant to become in a few time so brilliant that the whole world would see her.
Her delicate rays gave off sweet melodies and she had enchanting smiles that would light up suddenly from serious and a bit frowning looks.
But she was so shy and humble that when she noticed everybody was indicating and looking at her, taking pictures of her more and more incessantly - even demanding her to shine 24 hours a day! - she got frightened and hid away. She turned off her light for some time, maybe hoping the world would forget about her.
In that time she found though that her light was not fading but slowly increasing: it rose into her like a flooding river, and soon came the day she could keep it no more.
With a blinding explosion she came back illuminating the world again, for she couldn't keep all that light for her own: she had to present it to the others, though now she would be adjusting the frequency of her light herself.

Italy had seen that tiny star rise almost from the beginning, and was one of the countries touched the most by her charm and the purity of her light, especially in the years 1999 and 2000.
Some people in particular were so impressed that the warmth of those rays lasted even after the tiny star was gone from view. They had waited patiently for the rebirth and screamed with joy when they saw her again, following every precious moment even before the others noticed her come back.
The Nineties had gone and people in the world were distracted by other more showy but less sincere lights. But that didn't matter: the Northern Star was there again and would promise - as she still does now - not to turn off anymore. She would just irradiate less intensely, so that she could be visible only to those who really look for her when they look to the heavens, and don't interfere with her natural shine. This brightness and humbleness of her is much more intense than what people may think.

This is where we are today. Let us say we feel this milestone is a bit ours too, with one regret only: not having got to know that star from the first moment, and not having protected her from the too many attentions. It would have been difficult, maybe impossible... not even her closest friends managed properly to.
Maybe that's just how things had to go, to let her start again in a different way and to give us the opportunity to live this long-lasting friendship and deep esteem.


Editorial of 19 August 2007

...so we turned 7!
Like the 7 kings and hills of Rome, the 7 days in the week, the 7 colours of the rainbow, the 7 notes, the 7 wonders of the world... but we have one special wonder from Tromsø, the northern star!
It's her that keeps this fanclub alive and kicking, that lets us still hope in pure music, that transmits always heart to heart.
7 like the "magnificent seven"... but the number of loyal fans in this fanclub, who together with many other more or less silent supporters keep living a beautiful story of music and friendship, is actually much higher.
7... the sacred number, the perfect number, like prefect is everything a fan dreams even without saying it: the perfect album, the perfect photograph, the perfect joke, the perfect forum, the perfect concert and... the perfect beer jug with the perfect music, that is Lene, in the perfect pub!!
Do you feel this is asking too much? We don't: next milestone will be the infinite of 8!
Many, many wishes to all of us!!!

Editorial of 11 September 2006

Sept. 10th 2006, 1:30 AM
Hotel Crowne Plaza - Main Hall

A very long and hurry day has just finished, with the arrivals and lodgings of the several groups of italian fans, and the meeting with the french, swiss and dutch ones.
Some of us have already met Lene and Alistair more than once during the morning and the afternoon, during the rehearsals of "Avalon" at the Arena or when having a drink affectionatly offered to us before the show.
But it was after midnight, when the noises around were almost fading off, then all the fans who gathered in Geneva realized the meaning of their journey.
Some have travelled for hours, for hundreds of kilometres. Some have never met Lene so far. Some are hoping for another sweet experience to be part of their memories as well as the past ones. All were aware that this would be special.
Nobody though might have guessed the river of emotions that simple bottles of beer with the sticker "Norbury's beer" and the image of a happy Alistair, and a humble star named exclusively after Lene in the catalogue of heavens could give rise to.
"Unbelievable!" Lene said, hardly managing to say more because of the emotion.
Yes Lene, because you are simply unbelievable, the one and only Northern Star, and now life Miss Norway too :-)
We saw you laughing heartily and then moved to tears, always with your utmost naturalness, never holding back your feelings.
You were there with us, giving out smiles, autographs and photos, joking, laughing and loudly having fun with us.
Then, you were there again, before us, silent, without barriers but the charmingly useless one of your blond hair.
Even this way you were expressing your deep humanity, your sincere gratitude, your unreplaceable friendship.
Or better, your tears were to us the highest, unmistakeable, precious sign of the uniqueness of the relationship binding you together with your fans.
Those tears and your cry "Best fans in the world!" are engraved on our memory. Forever.
Love goes on...

P.S. Another big thank you to the 5 cool guys of Lovebugs, whom we got to know during the day, for making all that's related to Avalon possible! See you soon!

Editorial of 31 December 2005
A new album, three videos, several showcases around the world, a cover song and a charity project, just to say a few. We can't state that Lene Marlin hasn't had a busy 2005. It has been a plentiful year, that sealed Lene's maturity and the consciousness of her relation to the hard world of the music industry. A more self-confident Lene therefore, so as far as to engage - for fun or for passion - in being a radio presenter, photographer, actress. 2005 was a very significant year for all the fans in the world too, the relationships among them have strengthen more and more in spite of the distances: the Amsterdam showcase was emblematic, it united fans from all over Europe, and we hope it was only a hors-d'oeuvre in comparison with the probable "live" projects for Lene Marlin in 2006. We know that Lene has a desire to perform in front of her devoted public, so let's hope that in the next months all the conditions will turn out favourable, making the organization of an international tour possible. After all, the foundation have already been built up by the opening of the official site - and in particular the blog - which made a further approach between Lene and her fans possible, hoping that this may materialize in live appointments. Waiting to discover Lene's plans for the new year, we wish her a happy and serene 2006, full of the satisfactions she deserves. Our wish goes also to all the fans, especially to the friends at the official fansites, among whom the new ones that we welcome: Meriadoc for Belgium and Amélie & Co. for France!

Editorial of 22 October 2005
After the last long essay, now a shorter one, to leave some more room for the important reports from Asia. Just after her summer holidays, Lene surprised everybody again with a new song for the Asian market: "Still Here", a re-recording of a Chinese hit by Faye Wong. It's early to draw up a balance, but the enthusiasm and the affection that Taipei has shown for Lene are a very promising sign, for "Lost In A Moment" and "Still Here" could have a huge success in Taiwan and not only. We are strongly hoping for that: Lene deserves being at the top of the charts with her album, and unfortunately that is apparently difficult now in Europe.


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