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10 May 2005 - 20:05
Win a promo single - How Would It Be world contest!

We offer as a prize the promo single "How Would It Be", a rarity that will never be on sale anywhere!

This time everyone can take part for free.
Other two contest will follow, in which though only the ones who will have contributed to the fanclub cash-in-hand fund by the contest start date will be able to take part.

In order to participate to the 'How Would It Be' contest, you will have to send ONE EMAIL (ONLY ONE!) to webmaster@lene.it saying what you think the total timing of Lene's new album "Lost In A Moment" will be, in minutes and seconds (for example, 33:44). You must include your postal address in your message: name, surname, address, postcode, city, country (we will need that to send to you the cd if you'll win). If not so, the subscription to the contest will not be effective. The subject of the e-mail has to include the word "contest".
We want to point out that we are referring to the European release of the album containing 11 tracks, and the total timing will be the one that appears on any cd player. The contest will be won by the one who will get the closest to the right answer. In case we receieved two or more identical answers, the first arrived will prevail on the others.

The name of the winner will be announced on May 18th.

NOTE: The contest will be stopped before the above deadline, if official news about the total timing of the album come out before, in any moment. The moment when the contest will be considered 'over' (in case of official news) and consequently, which participants will take part in it and which ones will not, that is completely at our discretion.


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