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29 April 2005 - 23:24
How would it be video photogallery - Lene thanks us!
This is the last news for today, a day enriched by the overpowering emotions we all have felt watching for the first time the video "How would it be". A video that is being talked about a lot, that lets us enjoy Lene's new style.
Lene.it wants to make a present to all of you: an immense photogallery that runs through all the video, frame by frame: more than 700 images to go through the story from the videoclip again and again and freeze in captures Lene's shining beauty!
Click here to open the "How would it be Lene.it video special" (15 pages)

The hours after the premiére of the videoclip have furthermore brought to all the Italian Fanclub an immense joy and satisfaction: Lene in a message on her blog thanks Lene.it and our friends at Lene-Marlin.no, saying "You're the best". Lene, your words fill us with pure joy, and we cannot but say the same to you. You seem so happy and full of energy :-)


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