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06 January 2013 - 20:44
Here We Are - Historier så langt
As pointed out by our user gio, we discover that last 4 January EMI Norway has published on iTunes an album entitled Here We Are - Historier så langt ("The stories so far") for the price of 95 NOK (approx. 13 EUR).
It's a collection of Lene's songs from her previous albums. There are no new songs and we're not quite sure what to think about this new release, even though it could be quite a piece of news indeed (in the first years, rumors reported that Lene signed her contract for five records). In all her recent interviews, Lene has confirmed that there's no new album ahead at this moment - and actually this one seems not one, since there are no new songs. It's not unlikely that EMI is trying to follow the success of tv show Hver Gang Vi Møtes (after the first songs being released on iTunes, Kurt Nilsen jumped to #1 and Lene to #3 in the charts, as VG reports in an article). We still don't know either if among the songs there are the six picked by the other participants to the show (except from Disguise and Sitting Down Here). What we can say is that we have three songs from Playing My Game, five from Another Day, four from Lost In A Moment, and three from Twist The Truth. The tracklist is arranged in chronological order of release, opening with Sitting Down Here (which opens Playing My Game as well) and closing with You Will Cry No More (which again closes Twist The Truth too).
We're working on this to let you know more, so stay tuned! In the meantime, here's the tracklist:

  1. Sitting down here
  2. Unforgivable sinner
  3. Where I'm headed
  4. Sorry
  5. Another day
  6. You weren't there
  7. My love
  8. Disguise
  9. How would it be
  10. All I can say
  11. Hope you're happy
  12. What if
  13. Here we are
  14. Do you remember
  15. You will cry no more


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