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29 July 2012 - 16:19
"Still here" notes come back!
In September 2005, a bonus track titled "Still Here" was part of the promo activities of Lene Marlin's album "Lost In A Moment" in Asia. The track is a cover of "I'm willing", a song of the famous Chinese singer Faye Wong. Today, we got to know that the song has been covered also by the Japanese artist Exile Atsushi and included in her last album "Solo", out January this year. You can watch the videoclip at this link !

This news let us remember another cover: during an intimate concert at London's Sound Republic in 1999, Lene sang "Luka", the famous hit of the US singer Suzanne Vega. We would point out an acustic live version of the original song, which shows the musical affinity between Lene Marlin and Suzanne Vega. Going back to "Playing My Game" era, it is possible to rememeber Sandy Lin's funny cover of "Sitting Down Here". All these covers show how Lene music has been and is still popular in Asia, starting from the beginning of her career, until the more recent Still Here".


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