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06 May 2007 - 21:49
All about Lene on "Naturalia" magazine
In this month's issue of the italian magazine "Naturalia - Family Life" you can find probably the best and most accurate article about Lene Marlin ever published so far!

We feel confident about this, for two reasons. The first one is that the author is Davide "Dave" Ronca, old-time fan of Lene and member of this fanclub. Who could write about Lene more accurately than a fan? We probably couldn't have done it better: the article came truly from the heart, before than the mind, ad it's also fluent and nice, steadfast and deep. The second reason is that the article is about Lene's past, present and future, so it's the most complete and updated ever written so far. In addition to this, all the information have been checked and the pictures are taken from this official fansite.

Just click here to read the full translation of the article!

So, congratulations Dave on this beautiful idea, and thank you to the editorial staff of the magazine he works in for having approved this article.


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