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Polls archive

05/06/2009Which song from "Twist The Truth" you would like to be chosen as second single?
07/02/2009How many tracks do you think the new Lene's album will be composed of?
02/09/2008What colour will Lene Marlin's new album's cover be?
23/05/2007Who do you think will announce the release of Lene's next album?
31/12/2005What do you think Lene will do in 2006?
02/05/2005After listening to "How Would It Be", how do you think people will react to the song ?
05/08/2003Mark a vote to the video (not to the song) of You Weren't There
04/07/2003How will Lene be in her return?
22/05/2003What impressions did you get after reading the latest news?
07/02/2002When will Lene come back with her new album?