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Archive from 20-05-09 to 05-11-09

05 November 2009
Lene Marlin and Aleksander With at Gullballen show tomorrow!
Tomorrow evening (Nov. 6th), at 10.25 pm, Norwegian TV channel NRK will broadcast "Gullballen" show where the best fotball teams and players (both males and females) of Norwegian championships will be awarded. The show will be held at Oslo Opera Theatre and, according to NRK website, Lene and Aleksander With are scheduled to be among the musical guest stars. It will be the first chance to promote on TV the duet "Worth it". Likely, the show can be watched on NRK nett-tv.

10 October 2009
"Worth it" - Aleksander With feat. Lene Marlin
Already back in the previous months, we reported the news of a collaboration between Lene and former Norwegian-Idol winner Aleksander With in writing a couple of songs and we hinted that probably one of them could be put into his new album. Now, the time seems to be arrived, since, on October 19th, will be released in Norway "Worth it", where Aleksander With duets with Lene. This song is the second single from With's upcoming album "Still awake".
"Worth it" will be digitally released also in Italy on October 16th and on IBS.it you can find the single cover. For a pre-listening check out amazon.fr (even though the clip doesn't contain the part where Lene is singing).
Thanks Andrea for pointing this news out.

17 August 2009
Happy Birthday Lene!
It's 29 years since a wonderful little girl was born, a girl who 10 years ago lit up our hearts and is now still more radiant. On her birthday day she wanted to give us as a present a new blog on her myspace with 4 pics of her last trip to Italy, in particular at Fnac in Milan, where she released her new album in Italy.
In all the years we've been near to her, there are very few words of wishes we've not used yet, but we think feelings don't need many words to be shown. Facts count and we do believe that regarding the facts there's always been a strong mutual friendship, as the pics posted by Lene can only to some extent show.
So there's no need to use many words to tell Lene how much we love her and in such a special day we can't but wish her a world of happiness and thousand of these occasions to meet soon again.

Happy Birthday Lene!

10 August 2009
Interview to Roberto Casalino on lene.it Myspace!
A few weeks ago, our fan Stephy pointed out on a website an interview to the Italian singer/songwriter Roberto Casalino. Besides being the author of some songs of Italian "X Factor" winner Giusy Ferreri's latest album, he just released his first solo album "L'atmosfera nascosta" ("The hidden atmosphere").
In the interview we got to know that one song of the record - "Mi manchi" ("I miss you") - has something to do with Lene. In fact, the inspiration for writing it came to Roberto while he was listening to Lene's "Another day"!
Quoting his words: "This song was born on a train. I was going to Tuscany to meet some friends of mine. I was listening to "Another day", a very gloomy and intimate album by Lene Marlin, on my Ipod. I was looking outside the window, it was raining and suddenly I got the urge to take the notebook I always bring with me. I turned my Ipod down and I wrote everything that came to my mind about a relationship ended a few months before. I immediately recorded the melody, suggested by words, on my mobile. And "Mi manchi" was born".

Read our interview (scroll down the page til the end of Italian interview).

01 August 2009
Lene Marlin at TV2 "Sommertid"
Yesterday evening Lene Marlin appeared as one of TV2 programme "Sommertid"'s guests. She was interviewed by programme host Øyvind Fjeldheim; in the chat, she underlined the importance to keep separate her private and professional lives. Then, questions focused on her latest album "Twist the truth": Lene stated she seeked a quality work and it needs to be listened several times to be fully appreciated.
After the interview, she performed live "Here we are", playing the guitar together with Tommy Kristiansen (second guitar) and Renate Engevold (violin).

A big thank you to Tef Johs for the English translation of the interview over at lene-marlin.info and to koletz for the performance video

20 June 2009
Lene Marlin at VG Lista Topp 20 in Oslo
Yesterday, at about 10 pm CET, Lene was on the stage of the VG Lista Oslo concert-date, one of the most important musical summer shows in Norway. Together with her band, she sang (in playback) "Here we are", the first sigle from her latest album "Twist the truth".
As usual, she brought her camera with her on the stage, and she took pictures and made videos of the audience attending the concert.
Hereunder a Lene-picture from the show.

30 May 2009
Lene Marlin at VG Lista Oslo show on 19th June
After some rumours we got the last days, it has been officially announced on the VG website that Lene will take part to the VG Lista show at Rådhusplassen, Oslo, on the upcoming 19th June.
Besides Lene, some important Norwegian and international artists will be on stage. In the lineup we can find, among others, A-ha, Aqua, Fuentes/Lind/Nilsen/Holm quartet, Alexander Rybak (who recently won the Eurovision song contest), Yohanna, Karpe Diem, Timbuktu, Tone Damli Aaberge and Samsaya.

20 May 2009
Taiwan is getting ready to welcome Lene
On May 15th "Twist the truth" was released both in Italy and in Taiwan, so now, as Italian promotion is over, let's have a look on some details about the Taiwanese release. First of all, you can find hereunder the album cover and here the back; furthermore, our fans pointed out what seems to be the official Taiwanese site to promote the album and - as can be supposed by the video - "Here we are" is part of the soundtrack of the Taiwanese version of the movie "I've loved you so long", which already won several international awards in 2008 and is scheduled to be out in Taiwan on the upcoming June 12th.


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