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Archive from 07-11-09 to 17-04-10

17 April 2010
Lene Marlin @ TV2 program "Fredag"
Lene Marlin, with a brand new look and a short haircut (see pictures below), appeared yesterday evening as guest at the TV show Fredag, on the Norwegian national channel TV2. Thanks to our friend Tef Johs, we got to know that Lene talked together with TV program host Stål Talsnes and the musician colleague Inger Lise Rypdal on their ages, the reasons for getting into the pop industry business, and a little bit about their past and present doings. On this last point, Lene said she is working mostly "on behalf of others", likely referring to her recent studio work, which brought to the song "It's about time", written for Aleksander With and put on the Idol winner's latest album "Still awake".

09 March 2010
"It's about time", the second song written by Lene for Aleksander With
In a message on her Myspace and Facebook pages, today Lene told us that recently she "disappeared" into songwriting work and she spent lots of time in recording studio.
Among the songs she wrote, one of them has been included into Aleksander With's new album, "Still awake", released a few days ago. The song is called "It's about time" and is the second song Lene wrote for the recent work of the former Norwegian Idol winner. In "Still awake" we can also find the duet "Worth it", released as a single in the past months.
Hereunder, you can find the lyrics (from aleksanderwith.no):

It's about time

Would you say that you've done things right
That there's nothing that you would do different
That you've kept what is dear inside
That your conscience is clear
That you're good
That you've always understood

What's needed of the people around you
They'll always find you
No need to look far, that's who you are

You didn't hear him scream
No one to open the door
No one to let him inside
Don't say that you've tried
You know that's a lie
You didn't hear her call
No one to answer the phone
No one to make her come home

She's out there alone, and you know why
It's about time that you try
What's the reason for absence
Did you go to the moon, are you superman
Can you explain the intolerance
Is there something you know that we never can
I don't think you understand

What's needed of the people around you
They'll never find you
No need to look far, that's who you are

28 January 2010
"Worth it" video premiére on p4.no tonight
As written by Aleksander With on his Twitter page, the long-awaited video of "Worth it", the Aleksander and Lene Marlin duet, will be premiered on p4.no between 9 pm and 10 pm CET tonight.
There will also be an interview on p4 at the same time.

Tune in!

... but, if you really can't wait, you can watch it here!

12 December 2009
"Worth it" videoclip recorded today
As reported by Aleksander With on his Twitter page, today the videoclip for the duet "Worth it" has been recorded. Already back in October, Lene and Aleksander during a Q&A session on VG-nett told they were wainting for further decisions on videoclip recordings. Now, all the fans are looking forward to watching the video!

24 November 2009
"Twist the truth" out in Germany on November 27th
Last spring Lene Marlin fourth album was released in Norway and Italy. In a few days, on November 27th exactly, "Twist the truth" will be out in Germany. The news is highlighted on EMI Music Germany website. On the net some reviews and an interview to Lene have been published; they are all signs of quite high expectations for the album, which we hope could reach the top of the charts.

19 November 2009
"Worth it", a surprise live at Asker
Last Monday, a party for the inauguration of the new Whiteroom studios facilities took place in Asker, Norway. A surprise concert was held and, among other prominent Norwegian artists, also Lene and Aleksander were on stage, performing live "Worth it". Hereunder, a picture from the concert:

15 November 2009
New contest!
As many of you already know, Lene.it just entered its tenth year and we want to celebrate this anniversary the best way. For this reason, we are happy to announce the first celebration event, a contest where all the winners will get one of the poster made by koletz for the "Twist the truth" meet and greet in Milan last May, signed by Lene!
It is very easy to take part to the contest. We set up four categories of works. All you have to do is make something for each category you want to apply and send your work to this email address: webmaster@lene.it. Each winner of each category will get a signed poster. If no one enters a category, that poster will be given by a lottery in which all the contest participants will be involved. For the other categories, the winner will be decided by the fans through a voting system of which we will give you the details later on. The winner in one category cannot be the winner of another one, so we invite you (in case you are going to take part to more than one category) to write us your "preference order" of the categories you decide to be in. If someone will end up to win in more than one category, he or she will receive the poster related to the one he or she pointed out as preferred choice.
Works have to remain anonymous. We therefore invite you to not make them public or talk about them on forum or guestbook. Should this rule be broken, the author will be banned by the contest. The contest starts today and the contest deadline is the midnight of Dicember, 1st.
In the end, please find below the categories:

1 song or poetry lyrics: often, there is no difference between the two. There are songs which are poetries and poetries which become songs. Choose the one which fits the best to you. Max lenght: 40 lines.
2 joke on Lene: no vulgar or offensive joke will be taken into consideration.
3 freehand drawing. Computer not admitted (just to email the drawing). Free framework, tecnique and dimensions. Theme: related to Lene.
4 cooking: are you a good chef? Just send us the recipe (with ingredients and how-to-make-it steps) and a picture of your handmade dish, with a Lene CD beside it. The final vote will take into consideration both the ingredients and the aesthetic aspect of the dish.

07 November 2009
"Worth it" at "Gullballen" show
Yesterday evening, around 11 pm CET, Lene and Aleksander performed (in half-playback) their duet "Worth it" at "Gullballen" show. It was the first time the song was sung on TV and it could be seen as the first big chance to promote the single toward a significant audience. Hereunder, a picture of Lene and Aleksander taken from the show.


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