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Archive from 29-09-10 to 29-01-12

29 January 2012
Lene works with other new artists
Even when it seems so quiet, Lene's music never stops and collaborations go on. After the news about Lene composing some songs with Elin Gaustad (here is the link to the single "Picking up the pieces", with Lene's backing-vocals in the chorus), the results of another collaboration are coming. This time, Lene co-worked with another young Norwegian artist, Frida Amundsen. Her first single "Closer" is already well airplayed on the radio and her album is expected to be out in stores next April. Lately, Frida's debut reached also Italy, as websites of several radio stations published "Closer" official video. But Frida is not the only artist who got the honour to work with Lene in the last months: the list also includes Autumn Rowe and Gary Louris (from the rock band "The Jayhawks") from the US and the Danish Tobias Stenkjaer. So, the last Lene trips turn out to be good chances for new music.

We would like to thank Knox for the alert and to invite all the fans to write on the forum or on our Facebook page any other news you should find on the web. Thanks so much for the collaboration!

04 January 2012
Welcome 2012!
We would like to wish a very happy new year to all Lene fans, hoping to be able to fill both Home Page and Forum with news and new music from Norway! We invite you also to follow our Facebook official Fan Club page. Warm greetings to everyone!

25 November 2011
Lene.it on Facebook
Since a few days, our Fan Club has embarked on a new adventure in the Facebook ocean! To everyone, feel free to click the "Like" button on the official page, to contribute to keep it alive and to spread the voice to all your friends. That's another important window for Lene.it!

"Stay tuned"! :)

08 September 2011
Lene in studio, but no new album soon
We paste below the message left this morning by Lene on her Facebook page, related to some articles published a few days ago, which dealt with Lene being working in studio in New York earlier this summer. Lene confirms having spent some time in US, London and Stockholm recently, but not for the recordings of her fifth album. Nevertheless, she leaves some room open for another release from her sometimes in the future, but she does not give futher details on that.

Dear Lene, your fans are waiting for you!

Message from Lene:

I know some of you are waiting for a new album, and when the day comes when I decide to record one I will let you know. Maybe not straight away, as it takes some time to get started (right songs, right sound etc) :-) but I won't just release one without telling you. And I promise you, I am not working on an album right now. You know me, it takes a while between releases :-)

I have been to New York, London and Stockholm lately, but that's all songwriting. Of course, some of the songs I sing myself if I'm the only singer in the room, but my involvement stops there.

I was asked by someone who had heard one of the songs if I had changed my musical style. No guitars, all synths :-) so you can imagine I have a lot of fun singing something different!



28 August 2011
Another year goes by!
Another year goes by!
Time flies and fades memories away a bit, but the emotions which go with those moments and are now linked to them, still remain vivid. That is because minds can blur or delete entire events, but hearts hardly "forgot" important moments.
So, still today, when you happen to hear a Lene's song on the radio, the emotions you felt when you listened to it live, with Lene present, come back again and you can recall a lot of memories of events, smiles and happy moments.
Thank you, Lene, for all this! This year, our wish is actually to be able to give to us and to you new emotions soon; heart is always in need of them, more than mind does with memories!

A big thank you goes to all the fans, too, especially to the more committed ones, which contributed to create most of those moments, and also to record them!
Moreover, on August 19th, we celebrated the anniversary of our fan club, and this was the 11th, already! A big "happy birthday" to all of us, then!

24 July 2011
Terror in Oslo - Our thoughts and prayers for the Norwegian people
A strong and sincere feeling of mourning and friendship for the victims of this terrorist attack and for all the Norwegians who are living now moments of fear and suffering.
We have walked on those streets, welcomed by friendly faces, spent so happy days... we feel close to Oslo and to Norway, now more than ever.

Lene has published a message on her Facebook page:

Young people killed by a fake police officer, a bomb exploding in the middle of the city. We will never be the same after this... My heart goes out to the people who have lost loved ones, and the people who pray to keep theirs. I know there are a lot of people seriously hurt, let's pray for them!

I heard the blast from where I live. And right now there are helicopters going back and forth to hospitals. I have a few friends that came to my home hours ago. One of them was supposed to be in the area waiting for my other friends to pick him up in their car, but left to go buy a present. His luggage is still at the train station after coming to Oslo today. That station is now evacuated. All of them are safe, and in my home right now.

We don't know yet who is behind this. And let's not assume anything. We should not contribute to fear! I'm with friends and loved ones, and those who are not here I have talked to, told them we are safe, and that I love them.

Dear Lene, our heart is close to yours and to those of all the Norwegian people. The physical distance has never made us feel far from you and your country, and neither does it today. A hug from your fanclub!

19 May 2011
A new message from Lene!
After several months, Lene wrote again on her Facebook page. No announcements about a new album out soon, but Lene has not lost her willing to write music and co-work with other musicians and producers. She tells us she wants to stay far from the spotlight and to enjoy the summer –full of music– which is about to start! Here's the message:

Hope you're well! Haven't posted anything in a while. I swear, it's almost like I was supposed to live in the stone age or something :-) I'm not on Twitter, hardly on email and don't like too talk on the phone too much. Well, that's me :-)

Anyway, I AM here - just not so visible at times! Working a lot, writing songs and having fun in the studio. Meeting lots of great songwriters and producers. However, I don't plan a new album just yet. I know some of you want to know. Although I don't plan anything, I still need to write music. So that's what I do, and will be doing for the next few months as well.

I'm enjoying the sun these days, knowing that winter is over for now! Hope you're all happy too :-)

29 September 2010
Lene Marlin co-wrote two songs with Elin Gaustad
As reported by a few newspapers these days, we got to know about a new collaboration of Lene, this time with Elin Gaustad, a Norwegian singer who took part to Norwegian X Factor last year. Elin's first album, called "Whole new beginning", will be out in stores on the upcoming Monday, October 4th. Lene co-wrote the title track, "Whole new beginning" and another song, "Picking up the pieces".

We remind you the latest Lene collaboration with another Norwegian artist, Aleksander With: their duet, "Worth It", reached the highest places of Norwegian charts.


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